"You are so much more than your scars."

Updated: Nov 18

When even the most exciting day do not excite you and seems nothing less than a burden,

When it's hard to breath in the same environment you once laughed,

When being sane is the only challenge you wish to conquer because the memories you once cherished now haunts you,

Just take a deep breath and stop.

Do not move just sit .

Inhale all the positivity which our nature provides us and exhale all the negativity there exist in your brain.

Maybe today the weather is bad. Maybe it was a rough day at school. It’s okay you do not have to figure it all out today.

Do you remember the times when your stupid little jokes made your friends laugh out loud? Or when you found your favourite music playing on the streets? Or when you made your partner feel like home? I can go on and on. You see you are so much more than your scars .Your fears, anxiety, self doubt or your bad days do not define you. Your kindness , integrity and your beauty defines you .

So respect yourself today and be proud of yourself because there are people out there who loves you simply for existing.

You got up in the morning? Great that’s the biggest step.

You made your bed ? That’s even better.

Just take one day at a time. You will get through it. I promise you .

  • Riya kothari

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