Will you remember me?

Will you remember me in that fading breeze?

The end of our dreams in a warm summer morn?

You swore you would keep me in your heart

Like the pressed forget-me-nots

I left by your window, for you to find

You said you kept them safe in a notebook

But it's already gathering cobwebs and dust

Lying alone in a corner of your room.

Will you think of me under a starlit sky?

We held hands through the lonely fireworks

Lighting up the desolate night

Smiling at the wind rustling through the leaves

Watching the dance of a thousand flickering lights.

Do you think of me when you pass the corner cafes?

We would recline with steaming cups of coffee

As I listened to you pouring your heart out, my love

Your dreams, hopes, frustrations and fears

Lending me a hand I needed to hold on to

And affection that wiped my tears.

Is our story reflected in the waning sunset

As the rays of crimson touch the horizon far away

Or is it washed away like castles on the sand

No trace of our painstaking efforts someday.

If I told you I missed you, with all my heart

How my soul aches for you at night

Lying alone and breathless, nobody to talk to

Trudging through a broken life without respite.

What was in me that fell so short?

I tried so hard to be worthy and strong

But all I can give you is heartache and truth

And human imperfections that feel so wrong.

Do you remember me when you listen to music

Because I said your voice was my most beloved tune

Or did you forget all the words I uttered

Did you stop loving me, all too soon?

Goodbye, my darling, I will hold you close

Even if that embrace feels like a tender breeze

Maybe you'll think of me when the tinkling wind chimes sway

But even if you don't, you're engraved in my heart

Even if you're gone at the starting of another day.

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