Why you must Love Yourself?

"The minute you learn to love yourself you won't want to be anyone be else."
- Rihanna

Flaws is what makes a person beautiful. But that beauty is surely never understood by us. We, as a person struggle to like ourselves for what we are. And when we do accept ourselves, we inhibit detrimental effects on our health as well as our psyche. An acceptance of the self makes us more confident and emotive in our approach of life.

Here's 5 reason why you must love yourself -

1. Life gets easier

Mistakes, flaws and errors can be avoided with a little bit of caution, but they can't be stopped permanently. And when you start accepting the flaws in your self, life gets easier.

Even though you commit errors and feel bad for making it, you won't end up clobbering yourself. You will not end up overthinking or bashing your brains out for a small human error.

Rather you will find it easier to let it go and become more cautious.

2. You will become more attractive

When you accept your mistakes and let it all slide away. You are not bothered by what your self-critic thinks about you, neither are you worried about what others have in their mind. You are happy with the state you are put in and find yourself responsible for that. Sooner, you learn to live comfortably under your skin.

Nothing is more sexually attractive than a person who is comfortable being themselves.

3. Your mental health will improve

"We must learn to accept our darkness if we want to overcome our own neurosis."
- Carl Jung

Whether it is a serious state of psyche disfigurement or an everyday case of stress, love for your self will heal your soul and mind. It has been observed that self-love acts as an effective metaphysical drug to treat cases of anxiety and depression.

4. Rise in Empathy

It is only when you have seen and accepted your own capacity of fear, shame and judgement that you can truly see the other for what he/she is. Without the acceptance we avoid parts of the other, simply because we are reminded of these in ourselves. And thus, no genuine emotions, no compassion can arise.

When we heal the lesions in our mind and ourselves, we do not fear to discover a persona, nor do we hesitate to pierce through someone's soul with our sight. That is when we learn to see and understand what a differing circumstance mean. We learn to become more empathetic. Hence, becoming emotionally active in the times of need.

5. Only Protagonist of your story

Don't you wish to live your life on your terms? Then why don't you live it. Is anyone stopping you from doing the things that you prefer doin or acting in a way that you feel is good? How many days you feel like that your 'self' is being riven by someone else?

Isn't it tough seeing yourself in a supporting role in your own life, rather than being the main protagonist?

You need to take charge of your life. You need to shift your focus from reluctantly compromising with the aftermath of your decisions, to confidently accepting the consequences. Once you learn weighing more heavily on aftermath of your future decisions, your choices will start fitting your values. Hence, creating a world made on your terms.

Sooner, you will be picturing yourself as the only protagonist of your story.

I am not an expert when it comes to emotions and compassion. But I know a thing or two about 'self-love'.

Loving yourself - Accepting yourself unreluctantly. Don't confuse it with self-centrism or narcissism (i.e., appreciating yourself unconditionally). First, accept yourself. Then, bow and receive others appreciation with humility.

How about we cover a little more of 'self-love' the next week? For the next day, I am thinking of writing something gritty. Something absolutely dark. Keep your heads up!

Till then,

Safety & Peace

- Nikhil Ranjan

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