What should I write? - Here's 5 tips to find your next topic!

Me, you, the person sitting next to Putin. We all have been here. here in this pit. This pit of seemingly eternal silence. While you wish to kill your keyboard, and want to rub our pen erotically over the paper. You generally suffer at the fat of not knowing what to write about?

Either you get confused with a dozens of misplaced thoughts in your head or you are simply out of ideas.

Here's 5 ways you can extract ideas out of thin air and resume writing -

1. 'Why, When, How, What, Which' - Ask Questions

Why 'it' happens? - Replace 'it' with a random word - viola! You have gifted yourself a new content to write. Using these 5 godly elements you can create innumerable questions. Now, you can either address the question or you can pen down the answers. Choice is yours.

2. Rewrite content that relates your interest.

If you are not familiar with content writing. Let me tell you that there's no shame in rewriting an existing article. It doesn't inflict a base conflict for plagiarism, if it is recreated correctly. That's how content writers roll.

Rewriting...rewriting...rewriting... shamelessly.

The base line is - Surf the web and find the post that catches your eyes instantly.

3. Start Reading!!

The more you read, the more you know.

By the basic rule of because-I-said-so, a reader can never go out of creative ideas. Hence, no more embarrassing yourself with these petty problems.

4. Use Analytics tools to detect trending topics.

SEMrush, Google analytics, SEO stripes...these are a few examples of helpful analytics tool. These tool can be of certain help, all you got to know is a certain keyword, and these tools will sort down a list of most relevant content titles.

The analytic tool scans through the most searched topics and keywords relevant to your choice of interest. And displays a list of topics that may generate SEO leads for your content (if you write content for a website).

5. Keep your eyes and ears open.

If you wish to weave content out of thin air, this maybe the ultimate tip for you - keep a check on what's happening around you. Even if you are not into content writing, having an interest in the the real world may help you anchor yourself to it. While you wander off in your head to bear off something artistically pleasant, an open eye can help you relate to the internal delusion and the existing reality clearly.

Knowing the lanes and alleys will always help you to get around what you desired...and in this may get something to write about.

Creative writing is tougher than content writing. And when someone prefers being creative over following professional rules, they tend to spend a lot of time inside their head.

If you spend a lot of your time inside your head to find something to write, stop it. Overthinking and imagining are two different things. You need to understand that. Stressing your mind over a self-intensified babel is not the way you commit yourself to a task. Rather stay focused while diving down there.

As for this post, it itself is a great example of what it tries to present. So, if you had any problems with finding what I should write next...follow the steps, will ya?

Safety & Peace

- Nikhil

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