Web of Lies!

Updated: Nov 16

It was 11 at the night. I was just scrolling through my Instagram, getting influenced by the influencers( Read: hypocrites). Was gonna go to bed after I was done solving a DPP. Basically, It was a normal night. But this jiffy changed my entire life.

I heard a sound... Something had burst. I thought in my head who was lighting a firecracker out of blue... Did India have a cricket match and did they win?!

I headed out to my balcony, only to see the worst sight. It was not a firecracker. It was shot.

shot. I saw my neighbor's corpse, I saw men with fire torches in their hands. I am watching no web series right now. Its god damn reality. Before I could understand anything my mom came in, panicking.

She yelled, " Andar aaa, Darwaza lagaa ke andar aa! ( come in, close the damn door and come in!)".

I quickly obeyed.

I looked at her petrified. " Dange huye hai! ( riot broke out)", she said.

I could not digest. And the next moment I hear my papa scream... "Neeche mat ana. Lock Kar lo room tum dono. (Don't come downstairs. Lock the room both of you..").

I didn't know how to react, I told my mom... We had to go, "Papa ko Kuch ho gaya to? ( What if something happened to papa)".

My mom looked at me... She said, "Mein dekhti hu, Tu lock kar! ( I'll go see, You lock the door.)"... I nodded in a no!

I wanted to go too. And just as I was about to speak, the glass of my room's window broke, and the next moment there was a fire. Now as I recall, It was most probably a petrol b*mb.

I quickly grabbed my mom's hand and barged out of my door. Leaving one sight of fire behind just to see what was more. But at that very moment, we had no time to think. No one saw any of this coming. You are reading words while all that we experienced was in seconds. I had held my mom's hand tight. And we were heading, heading forward to see what more destruction was in stock for us. We barely got to the stairs and I hear another scream. The scream was terrifying but familiar, but you know what was more terrifying? Watching my father Bleeding through his neck, slowly collapsing to the ground. And there they were, men who destroyed me, men shouting slogans… men who had swords. I don’t remember anything that happened later that night. I opened my eyes the next morning in a strange place, they told me it's an NGO and I was safe there. Was I?

My mother is with me, we are covered with scars and burn marks that remind us of that horrific night every day. My mom has a scar from acid. Yes, neither of these was enough for them. They had acid pouches too. To scar us even more. If I say my life has changed, it would be an understatement. I have changed from within.

Do you know what changed me? The incident was just enough to shake my belief system but wasn't enough to transform me. What killed my young hopeful soul was the news that I read the very next day. That my father lost his life while attacking! They gave him names. And this was it!

I was born on a land that preaches unity in diversity. And to think that I lost my whole life because the social fabric of India is tearing every day, is beyond me. For the world, it is a day of the communal riot, for me it is the day when I lost all hopes. For the left and the right of our country, it's another topic they can fight over on Twitter, but for me, an on-ground fight began that day. For the propagandists, they can form a new web of lies to brainwash you, but for me, I know a truth that can cost my life.

Nowhere have I stated who was killed or who has killed. No names used, no indications! It's up to u and your mind. You have the liberty to decide who was the victim and who was the oppressor. I can tell you how one decides though. It's a calculated decision based on our belief system. What we have been taught from our childhood. What we have seen. It's supposed to be this way apparently! Because you do not know the truth until you have lived it, or have been a part of the truth. No one speaks reality. Everyone has a narrative, often biased. What you hear is a baked story, it's threaded with assumptions and part reality. Part reality to make it seem legible. But you know what part reality does to the system right? It makes it brittle. Not hearing the truth is better than hearing partial truth.

Wikipedia? No.

Media? No.

Social media? No.

Each one has a biased narrative. Hence if you hear things online per se, you need to either say that everyone is wrong or everyone is right. As there exist both left and right on the internet. The same goes for every other source. So who to believe? No one! Hence a web of lies. There is a propagandist waiting to brainwash you! Again both sides! Who do you hear?

/Fictional account on communal riots


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