We are Insignificant..

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

What if I told you that we mean nothing. Now calm down! it depends on the context.

We do have a reason to live in this world, we are born to accomplish great things , we exist cause we need to keep the pendulum swinging. But in the grand scheme of things we are insignificant compared to the vast emptiness of the cosmic dust and gas.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated about how the place we call home is so unique and huge. From the frigid tundra to the blazing deserts. From barren wastelands to the Lush Amazons. Earth is an insanely large place. It has all the jewels and ripe fruits for us to munch on, but until recently we were blinded by the entity beyond the heavens. We always pondered to what exists above our head.

Its all void out there...

On the ground, perception takes the better of us. There is no leap of faith, very few dared to traverse and try to conquer the beast, but we are no match. Its vastness blinds us, larger than a beast of hell. But yet still showers us with magnificent sights to behold.

It all changed when mankind started to dominate the skies...

I remember when I was a young mind who used to be amazed about the gleaming lights of my birthplace which was Dubai. The Jewel of the Emirati world, truly lived up to its expectations. I used to feel amazed about how massive the world is.

When I truly experienced my first flight journey, I frowned upon my belief. The buildings looked more like little sticks, the tiny cars moved around in a straight line just like ants, the people were so tiny that I couldn't see them. Forests became tiny patches on green on this massive entity

This is nothing compared to the grandaddy of them all....

There is a whole new world out there....Waiting to be explored. Beyond the eternal darkness of the void which ever-expands , we hope that out there....somewhere out there, we might find someone whom we can reach out to...

We are insignificant...

Who are we in this vast multiverse? The answer is yours to decide.

We are just a tiny speck on the surface of a water droplet in the vacuum of space.

Keep Shredding


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