Visapur Trek

Fort Visapur. Can't say much about the history. But the path that leads up to the fort is epic. In the words of great sage himself - 'Mix the E, with P, and then come to I and jiggle with the C." That much.

So epic, that it needs a story to begin with?

It was an average hot day. I was fortunate that i got the chance to accompany the brave knight Sir Ritvik Das to his quest of Visapur. I might never feel such honored, than to accompany such gallant men on such a noble quest.

While the jesters of the court laughed at our noble company. The companions came back at them with two middle fingers pointing to glory. The brave knight had decided that he was not coming back to his castle until he conquered Visapur once and for all.

So, six of us men huddled together and stepped out. Thus commences the trek.

We covered the distance to Karla, and then to Malavali Village mainly on autorickshaw. Then headed 6 kilometers by foot. Treading on the acclivity was easy for brave people. But for hobbits like me. It was tough. I kept losing our breath after every 50 meters.

As we progressed, the road became narrower, and slope became difficult. So, we voted to toke a shortcut, which led us right to the foot of the fort. Plan seemed a no brainer but the muddy-rocky terrain posed a difficulty for us. The path was covered with little bit of trees. So, or heads were protected from sun's wrath. In middle of the off-road tread, we came across an old man struggling to climb a big step with two sackful of utensils hanging by his shoulders. So, we helped the man with his sacks and asked him to join the company.

As soon as we came back on the road. He went his way. Later, On command of the Sir Ritvik, we all decided to halt and enjoy some flavorful lime juice. While the company sang and enjoyed the music. I had seen anxiety gushing inside the brain of our fearless leader. For the moment, i kept my doubt to myself.

Nonetheless, this sight had kept me in a doubtful disposition about the upcoming journey. But as soon as we emerged in front of the submarine shaped fort. Two things were no more covered in shadows;

First, the boys were amazed by our leader's decision of Trek.

Second, Sir Ritvik Das was afraid of heights.

The fort is at approximately at 3500 feet. Not that tall. But the way upto the top, it's rocky. It's will-breaking. It's bone crushing, muscle tearing, skin burning and terrifying. In short, it's a challenging climb.

I will share this moment with you, only a glimpse of his brave steps to the top of the Fort.

I will share this moment with you, only a glimpse of his brave steps to the top of the Fort.

Unlike it's step brother Lohagad Fort, it doesn't have trees, stairs, support, or anything through out the hike. There were only two things, freaking slopes and big ass rocks.

The moment, we had just climbed the first rock, Gallant brave sir Ritvik Das of Burma quailed - 'NO LORD! NO. I can't do it. Just leave me here, I will stay at the base."

Nonetheless the burden and the loss of time; companions were not in the mood of leaving him alone. No one supported his stand. And asked him to stand up. I held his hand, and told him.

'The worst thing that can happen to you here, is death. You might slip somewhere in between and the rocks; yes, the way down will crush your head like my granny mashes those chubby little potatoes. But, don't believe me. Believe yourself. If the others can. If i can climb this fort. Then, you can do it too."

He was scared for a while. But, i just don't call him brave to mock him. No one calls him brave for sake of a joke. I only call him brave because he is. Despite his fear of heights, he stepped on all those rocks, looked down several times, took all those steps and kept moving forward. Yeah, he was slow as a turtle. But, he did it. He conquered his fear of heights. He proved that he truly was brave. And that's what made the day epic.

Once everyone stepped up on the fort, we all started exploring. Some went in the barracks, some went around the fort walls. Few threw stones in all the baolis (Water source) they came across.

Four of the companions climbed another small mound. Just to take, a quick overview of fort.

After a few discussions, breaks, regathering (fall-in), hundred thousand selfies, and shouting slogans. We made it to the top of the fort.

Don't worry, i ain't gonna ruin the view for you.

But i definitely can tell that everyone was awe-inspired by the beauty of the land.

See for yourself, what the Visapur fort showed us?

If you ever come to Lonavala, I would recommend you to visit this fort. Reaching the fort is not hard. It is challenging. But you can do it.

The locals are very helpful. Trust me, we got a free lift from a pick up truck driver for our way back to Malavali. But, i will not suggest you to explore this fort during summer (unless you want to get savagely baked).

Visapur Fort holds a lot of challenges on its way. It's worth a climb.

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