Uttarakhand Forest Fires

A vicious stench of flame stretched out over the wide green cover of Uttarakhand recently, burning down a whole lot of forest and causing a lot of damages to the future prospects of state and climate. Around 51 hectares of forest land has been burnt cruelly in the past few days.

Luckily, the forest fire has been brought under control and we all hope that the flames will be put to a complete rest very soon.

The reason behind the forest fires are induced to be dry weather, lack of precipitation in the recent months, overload of pines, and a dirty play of timber mafia.

Involvement of timber mafia hasn't been confirmed by any official source. It is just smoking out to be a theory.

After effects of the fire seem very unlikely and terrible, as it will directly effect the climate and add to the quick melting of Himalayan glaciers. Most recent effects in future, the ill effect it will have on the tourism. Indirectly effecting the economy of the state.

It feels as if the Satan summoned hell upon the earth. There's also a loss of faith and belief among people, as they feel scared and helpless with each growing day. The fire didn't just burn the forest, it has also flamed down the will.

The loss is great, and hands brought together to cope with them are very few. Hoping for a better tomorrow. Till then, safety and peace.


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