The War Against Video Games

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I remember the good old days , where i totally had no responsibilities. I was a young mind who found nirvana by playing Video games on my PS2. That little machine was like a real friend to me. It was like medicine to my depression. I fathomed to its significance. But my Parents despited the console.They believed it to created by the devil as a method to divert us from the facts.

With the onset of arcade games in the early 80's. Gaming exponentially grew in popularity and it now on the largest and most richest Entertainment sector mostly cherished from kids to teens. Video games are positively reviewed by one side of the society and demeaned by the other side.

A lot of the critics include the news ,politicians and angry parents. Who all have an issue on Violent video Games.

With the evolution of technologies and computers with powerful graphic cards, The evolution of gaming has improved beyond-folds. This led to the rise of AAA Titles. It all started from 2 lines and a small dot to massive open worlds for the player to explore. This catalysed the violence to be even more brutal with the onset of better graphics.

It all began when the most popular fighting game Mortal Kombat hit the arcades in 1992. It featured realistic characters fighting on a 2D Platform. But what caught the attention of the critics were the brutal executions known as a "Fatality". Some of them include ripping out spines , gouging out eyes, decapataion, burning to death to name a few...

Along with the surreal blood splats. People were worried about the negative effects on young kids and on whether playing violent video games makes people aggressive


We get the notion that mass shootings which are rampant in America is induced due to video games. But this is the impudence of the media which cover the basic fact about the mind. According to a study taken in 2014. Almost all the teens enjoy playing violent video games as a past time activity (even I enjoy it too).

-Then why isn't everyone a mass murderer then according to the media's logic..

It has to do with the individual itself. Almost all the mass shooters were mentally ill and they had a traumatic past. They cannot bear to live the pain and they insist on taking out their anger on murder. The media have no conclusive evidence to reason and they always choose Video games as a scapegoat to trick the public and to defame.

The very loose gun laws are mostly to blame. Acquiring a firearm license is very easy in America, this makes purchasing an AK-47 legal for teens. The National Rifle Association must enforce stricter laws to distribution of weapons to mentally ill and people who have criminal charges.

America is a country where the number of gun stores are greater than the number of supermarkets and department stores combined.

Fantasy and Reality

The main point on why this controversy is bogus is the differentiation between fantasy and reality. Video games are just a simulation which means that none of it are real. The actions and consequences you do in the game are never reflected in the real world. Shooting Games do not make you killers cause a video game will never simulate a real gun cause it cannot perfectly simulate a firearm. This doesn't make me capable to fire a gun.They cannot represent reality as it is..

They are just Games!!!

You can't use a pair a nunchucks in a game and later buy it and do some Bruce Lee level shit. You need to physically train your mind and body to able to perform martial arts. I used to play this game as a kid called "RollerCoaster Tycoon", its a fun game where the main goal is to manage your theme park and build rollercoasters. This doesn't teach how to be a competent structural engineer or a theme park manager. It is absolutely impossible for me to build a theme park in reality just by playing a game cause its just a simulation...

It might feel damn fun to shoot other people or to run over aliens and monsters but the main point is that we can experience these stunts in the game which cannot be done in real life without getting into trouble as the actions or consequences we do in the game stay in the game.


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