The Kesari

This is for all the people who have worked hard to make India, the biggest democracy in the world, a better place.

Great men, great deeds,

top ten, sows seeds.

Age creeps upon them,

they shake it off

Someone threatens them

They call it bluff.

They work, till the clock runs out

Yet complete their work, not flout/

They badger others, but no bother

As they will lead you the next day

They guide the Nation.

Prevent it from stray.

They have their own characterized stamp

Yet they work steadily under. the midnight lamp.

It is impossible to prevent the moon

From spinning around the Earth

It, like a maven, does not cessate.

Not many men have

such manifold tastes

as these great men


They, worthy of being in a Paubha,

Not by their knowledge, but aura

Make shubh Sabha.

They are gracious under pressure

Understand quickly with a flick of gesture

They need not be at the top of their

Posts. They may be anybody, anywhere,

All be refined, majestic, courageous

Help the other man spare his dispair

Because they find time for them and me.

They are God-sent messiah.

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