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The Jurisdiction of Brain : Its compliance and The Power of imagination

One’s personality is defined precisely by the balance between the heart and the head. Heart being authoritative and head being the ultimate decision maker.

Superiority of brain

Ever wondered what makes our brain superior in the hierarchy of decision making. It’s the ‘jurisdiction of brain’. Presuming that the head has a skeletal and a soul of its own, the former being our practicality and the later our Imagination.

The Head pushes us to be compliant, and heart even though it knows the reality can not accept it. That’s exactly when the soul of our head, our Imagination takes over. It’s the midway you see. You are not accepting the reality here, you are basically just creating a world for yourself where you can fit in. Because that’s all you need , A world that you can call yours where you can be anything, where your heart is pleased with the reality. But is this the only reason why head is powerful? Does superiority prevails just because something has the strength to please our heart? Well we will come back to this later.

For now lets process if the midway is all you need or something’s missing.

Well yes and no! For anything to work properly we need both the skeletal and the soul. The midway is just a trap unless and until practicality kicks in.

Our practicality always downs our imagination. No matter what or how good you imagine there’s always a tinge, a voice in the back of our head which keeps screaming THIS IS NOT REAL!! STOP FOOLING YOURSELF! That’s the voice of our intellect. But our Imagination overlooks all this. Because it’s strong , it is the soul of our head.

The power of our imagination.

What is solitude without imagination. We dream of things thinking that we can achieve them, but we imagine when we know we cannot. Even imagination is an art. It’s a Time Machine. It’s everything that science cannot make a reality today. With the power of thought, you can teleport yourself. While trapped inside 4 walls, you can still be wandering, wandering in the locks of nature, Diving in the shallows of water, And sitting with a group of friends in Central Perk. This is the power of imagination. But following you is a trail of consequences.

So is there a way out?

Well, quite frankly, there’s no way out. This is where the jurisdiction of brain ends Or lets just say it’s the final limitation of our head. While acceptance is tough, accepting the reality is the only way out.

So now going back to ultimate question, is Head the real deal? If it gives you faux ammunitions and ultimately downs you then why is it at the pinnacle of your structure!?

Because our world of imagination is the only one world where we are not judged , where we are ‘WE’, where without fear we embrace ourselves, our fantasies which basically gives us a hope, it gives us a jumpstart that all of us need! The world that we have created to please our heart kills the demon of self doubt inside us and hails us to be a believer.

And hence the limitation of the head gracefully becomes its jurisdiction because it gives us hope, and our before-derogatory but now a World full of dreams builds our confidence and introduces us to the strength of self-belief.

And that’s how our brain is the real deal and its jurisdiction is its power!


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