Surviving the Quarantine

It's been more than a month now, and the situation outside my room is pretty restless. Nothing exciting about the crisis. Anything news about it, that's 68.99% depression. And in these times of recurring endgame, I really don't wish to go around the new bulletin to kill my hopes of stepping outside into the pretty little world.

For a person like me, quarantine life seemed like a very negotiable and heart pleasing term. It was nothing new. 'I had and will practice it again. No big deal!'

Then came the oldest and most feared enemy of all, - BOREDOM

The first week was fun. Second was tolerable. Third was confusing. And fourth was devastating.

As the days in the lockdown will grow, appetite for the things I love will fade. That's what baba told me.

And it seems, he was true once again.

My music feels dated and repetitive. Leisure books feel heavier than usual. My dumbbells have gone dumb bells. My puns have failed me. And I am tired of Jamaat meme war.

Since, there is no scope for the lockdown to end any sooner. Neither am I working for any humane cause. So, for the next few weeks I have devised three new acts for surviving the quarantine.

Let us not ramble any more and have a look at the list.

1. Defining Couch Gravity

I may not be a physicist, or Newton. But I know. There exists the strongest force of attraction between a human bod and a couch. I have experienced it. For real.

I believe there has to be a space-time depression near every existing couches in the multiverse.

Thanos, that mad bloke. he's the reason behind each of this. That snap. That damn snap.

That binding force. That pull. It seems as if, the couch and me have become one. It may slip from the hands of physics to any normal toad of chemistry. I won't let that happen.

So, in the upcoming days. Grab yourself a...anything that sounds physics, experiment or looks cool and try defining the force of pull acted upon your fat bod.

The procedures are here as follows - Step 1 : get yourself a physicist. Step 2: let him do his job.

2. Do it for the memes

Bored of being the same nobody in your society, fed up of not getting proper attention. Fear not. The quarantine has given you opportunity to shine among other dumbasses. You are one amongst the billions to bless people with your underrated talent and be the next meme material.

Literally, do something stupid. For the sake of meme.

3. Reliving the era of Bond

There's nothing much to say about it. Today's cinema is rich, but it tends to get overdramatic and the plot tends to thicken.

My brother recommended me to watch James Bond. I am not a bond fan. Because, till now, The count of bond movies I have watched - 0.

So, this one is not meant for sarcasm. It's my decision, to watch the whole James Bond series from the very beginning. (Except all the crap which casted Roger Moore as James Bond)

4. Do something productive

Until next time.

Safety & Peace

- Nikhil Ranjan

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