Stars are monsters.

The stars are nothing but monsters

like a devil in an angel’s attire, Beautiful, cold and mysterious

who promise you that the nights are made for your own salvation

sending love across the horizon, pouring star-lit peace into the aching hearts

so that the mornings won’t be so hard on you.

But these are nothing but false promises of this nightmarish presence,

appearing smilingly as soon as the sun sets, monitoring your life, whatever you feel, wherever you go

till there is no secret left to be discovered by them, using them

either to make your eyes rain your heartbreak out on the cheeks

or making themselves fall only for you to wish something that will never be fulfilled.

And when the sky is completely filled with them,

it is enough to lure you out, forcing you to admire their mesmerizing beauty

while they steal your loved ones behind your back

and give them a place among their heinous ranks

till each and every star is someone you had known, loved and cherished.

Maybe that’s why I fear the stars

because I know the truth of their cold and fiery glory;

so when the night buries the sun, you’ll find me cowering in terror inside the four walls

desperately hoping they won’t touch my skin and bathe me in their dangerous light

taking my essence, making me one of them.

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