Spots on Blue #1

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Global warming.

Some say-

“It’s hyped!”

“It’s not worth the time.” , “It’s all fake.”, “We should be spending more time and money on basic amenities. Rather then these unreal shenanigans.”

Others say –

“The world is burning. The ice caps have gone boom boom pow. IPCC is a fraud, We have seen the Polar bears suffer with our own eyes.” “The world is warming up, this never happened before. We all are gonna die.”

Heya! Hold up brownie. Before ya smart boi start crunchin' some rap number, I just want to recap what happened in the world in the last couple of inchy minchy tiny pinty million years ago.

-In the Cenozoic era - Warm Period, after cretaceous period, saw a broad range of climate variation. CO2 concentrations started existing in the atmosphere.

-Eocene Optimum – Eocene Oligocene (33.9 million years ago) – Cool period. CO2 concentrations declined.

-Early Oligocene Epoch, between 28.4 and 13.8 million years ago, the earth witnessed a series of warmer period.

-Late Miocene to Early Pliocene epoch, ( 15 million years ago) Cooling began and the Arctic sheet started to expand. The northern Hemisphere still remained ice free.

-3.2 million years ago, Glaciation started. As observed and researched, it is predicted to be driven by tectonic movement and change in circulation of ocean current.

The earth’s climate is very complex. And simplifying it would be a crime. (This is why I love doing it.) In simple words, the earth’s climate follow a trend of warming and cooling.

Warm phase, with general characteristics of high temperature, high sea level, absence of continental glaciers.

Cool Phase, with general characteristics of low temperature, low sea level and presence of continental ice sheets.

But sometimes, the cool periods are embedded within the warmer periods and vice versa. Like,

Glaciers developed for a brief phase in the greenhouse phase (Paleozoic).

While warm periods with glacial retreat occurred in the Cenozoic cooler period.

Very recently, During Younger Dryon (1160 years ago), Earth witnessed intense warming. Presently, the earth is going through cool period – poles are covered with massive glaciers and sheets of ice.

And now, this blue planet is going through the gradual stage of warming. It very much earthly and real.

Global warming shall and will occur. The gradual warming is sought to occur in the upcoming years. The climate pattern are very much self explanatory.

The glaciers and ice caps will melt. The global temperature will increase a lot. And there will be a chance of extinction of major species. That’s the most definite thing to occur. Which should have taken place in the upcoming million years. And here's the the main problem with this change …. whatever we are witnessing, that isn’t gradual. It is immediate and immense. And this is alarming.

The shift that had to occur in a period of at least a hundred thousand years…is happening within just a period of thousand years. Think of it like this, a college student is forced to complete his graduation in one single hour. The pressure on the student feels nothing less than a joke. But then if you realize, multiples of that load is lain upon our blue planet, and in this case it isn’t a joke. The warming of planet earth is very much real and very much happening.

The glaciers and snow caps are melting at a very dangerous rates and the sea level has risen to a very dangerous level. As researched and predicted by IPCC in the year 2017, the rise of global temperature of 2 degrees was set as a limit for forthcoming disaster.

There had been cases of sudden cooling in cases of longer warm periods. During Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETH), sea temperature and air temperature had increased by 5 degrees. If we compare it with today’s geographical scenario, then the artic may have been 23 degrees warmer than modern sub-tropical sea. But then this period was suddenly replaced by Eocene Oligocene temperature decline.

Tectonics movement seemed to be a reason for the sudden decline in temperature.

A pattern emerging from recent paleontological studies suggest that the climatic effect of eccentricity and axial tilt have been amplified during the cool phase. Where as the axial tilt and eccentricity effects dampen during warm phases.

So, we will stop here at this regular sized, not so new cliffhanger ... what should we do to tackle the global warming?

Well, you can do lots of things, by first thinking that we don’t have to tackle this change. We have to survive this. Global Warming isn’t an enemy. The changes it will bring are the main enemies. And to survive those, we need to adapt very rapidly. We need to reduce the emissions, yes. We need to reduce the use of fossil fuels …yes, absolutely. We need to find rapid and effective means of survival under a carbon cover.

That would require us to spend more efforts and money on the research ….and yes…saving our own lives from our actions will cost us time too.

Till then, Safety & Peace

- Nikhil Ranjan



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