Son and sin

I, being a common man,

After a day’s work

Come home in my van.

See, I don’t waste time in lurk.

On my way home,

I pick up a cheap toy car

Also grab an expensive barbie home

And get set on my distance afar.

Once I reach home, I ask out loud,

“where is my son?

And where is my sin?”

A boy and a girl come out.

I pick up my son

Nudge him and tickle him.


We play with the cheap toy car.

My sin goes to the doll house,

Wearing a sad face,

And a costly blouse.

People see my son happy,

“What a wonderful father you are!”

People see my daughter’s belongings

“How lucky to have such a thoughtful father!”

Yes, I am a thoughtful father,

I have thought a lot.

I am not discriminating

No, no one can blame me on that.

I am experimenting,

Even playing

To give the deserving to all


With my expensive doll houses

And cheap toy cars.

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