Of Peaks and Valleys

I want you to close you eyes and imagine.

Look, there's a mountain. A titan of a boulder, ahead of you. Look at its peak, isn't it razor sharp? Frown down below, the stretch of its pride looks so enthralling. Don't you wonder, what would the view from the top will feel like?

So, you hustle your way from the bottom and climb up to the summit; achieve something with your hard work. Then you look down with pride and obvious it is to get mesmerized by just having a look. The mists on the top of the lake, the rolling of village bells. The beautiful awe-clutching view of the valley. It’s all feels so exciting.

I will make it easy for you. Peak is the achievement and Valley is the success.

Now, standing there, looking at the view. You wonder, should you consider your desire to explore the valley? Or wait and sit there on that uncomfortable peak.

While the downhill doesn’t seem that tough. You believe that it can run be easily be descended.

Rush down, you certainly will kiss the dirt. Hurry and an accident awaits you.

Instead of being careless, be cautious with what you have achieved. Travel slowly, be steady and maintain your balance through the downhill. Till you reach the small beautiful cherishing village and explore your long-awaited success.

Is this the end of your journey?

You meet eyes with another peak, a chance of exploring another valley. An Infinium mountain range, a million chances in your palms. Open your eyes, and realize that the beginning and ends of a journey are not really felt. They never were, are or will be fixed points. In this journey of yours, they are just some rifts and depths. They are ranges of peaks and valleys.

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