Oblivion (A True Story)

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

The world is a cosmic entity bearing all the sweet fruits, but it also spits out the bitter facts. The rules about your life are all decided by Fate, just like how a coin is double sided, life is never fair to the unlucky. Fate is always decided and sealed by an unknown entity. It's a key which can open countless number of doors, but Fate is the the warden and he decides the Fate of every entity on this planet.

Let me tell you a story about one such individual whose fate was worse than death..

When he was bought into this world, he was granted with a curse which cannot be reversed. It was a face distorted beyond reality, it was a face only a mother could love. The boy couldn't do anything about it as his fate was sealed. He couldn't wait for the experience waiting ahead. He was born with a cleft lip in which the skin was peeled, exposing his flesh. After numerous surgeries, it became half decent.

Oh boy! From here on the roller coaster steeped downhill.

The young mind , just like any other person reluctant to visit school was just a daily trip to the museum of horror. Others would call him a pig escaped from the farm, an social outcast

His food stolen...

His Identity broken...

His Self Confidence torn...

His Social life isolation...

No one came for him...

He was physically and mentally abused by his peers

He always trudged alone with other hands always mocking him

He had enough of this sick world

-“I will burn this world One-day...”

When The little bud barely became a Flower, He couldn’t handle the torment and the suffering in this world. The world was judgmental cause he was BORN THIS WAY..

Depression and rage consumed him , The very fabric of his existence was cut.

He decided to pay back by ending his own life at the age of 10.


He barely survived

Death gave him another chance , cause it was too early for him to leave. It was bad news for the boy , but he took it as a challenge and accepted it head on.

(The story never meant to end here cause it’s not even the climax..)

His journey through hell still continued for many years, until he saw a flicker of a light in the vast depths. He had found three companions who were loyal and friendly with him.

.....Is this a dream come true

He went everywhere with them, They had everything in common with him

They shared stories and never went anywhere without an eye reach

They were really close and forever together...

Until One day

One by One , they were dropped into their graves to rest in peace, but he wasn’t

His peace was shattered into pieces , it was over for him. It was back to square one.


But a certain soul entrained on his journey, He had someone to talk to. He shared stories and laughs, his suffering and his pain. The person understood his feelings. He finally found temporary solace in his life and never thought about suicide again...

His depression still continues , but he has learned to live with it and accept it into his house, Cause fate can never change the way it is. He has learned a lot of lessons and this makes him STRONGER every day..

For 19 Years , Life tried to always fight and defeat him every Damn time..

But now , I have the courage to




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