No More Scars

We have often read books on how the main protagonists in them ends up finding love through the theme of self-harm. But does it really happen to us in our day to day life? Are real life problems really that simple that no matter what happens, we would always end up having a happy ending? No, it’s not.

And that’s why people always tend to figure an easy way out when it comes to facing their insecurities, by harming themselves to make them oblivious of the harsh reality. The harsh reality of today is that we expect love from others. We expect others to love our scars and help us in healing from them. But how could they? How will they love us when we couldn’t love your own self? Why is it so difficult to accept who we are and how we are?

Haven’t we always been taught to face our challenges instead of hiding away from them? Then why is it that the first chance we get, we cower away from them? So what if it turns out bad and leaves you disappointed? Life is too short to dwell upon your failures and disappointments.

So hold on. Before you pick up that blade to kiss your skin, think of the things you might miss if that blade cuts down too deep. Think about the strangers you haven’t met and the secrets you haven’t kept. Think about the cities yet to be visited and family vacations still left. Think about the books you will miss and the coffee date where you might have your first kiss. Think about the museums you haven’t yet explored and the libraries you haven’t yet discovered. Think about the fairytales you still haven’t heard and the songs yet left unsung.

There is more to life than just your insecurities. Your life is not just about existing, it is about fighting. Time will heal your wounds whether they are physical or emotional but not even time guarantees about the scars. In the hope to be able to love someone someday, we must start with first being our own lovers.

So I ask you to hold on. Hold on to this moment, to this day, to that friend who checks on you everyday, to that parent who stays up all night when you are sick, to that sibling who stands up for you, to that classmate who packs an extra toffee for you, and to that stranger who doesn't shout when you crash into them clumsily. Hold on and say no to scars.

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