My Happiness

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I ran all the way, I don’t know why

People said if you don’t run, you die.

How long have I ran, I don’t know anymore

Only constantly striving for happiness

As people said, ‘those who strive for it will only tell and know’

So I ran but I was tired, hence took a break

Even though I thought knew better still took a stop.

But then I saw the nature, the sky with the stars

And a voice saying, ‘aren’t they beautiful the way they are.’

I turned to look at the voice, and my own demon

My devil which I always try to look away from,

He continued, ‘sorry my imprudence my master,

Who always try and shut me, but still I say as I serve him

Only him, regardless of who I am, because if master is happy so I am.’

‘Why are you here, I still have to get up and run

There are many things for my happiness which I have to get done.’

‘I know but master had said these before,

But why you do these when you can relax and have fun?’

‘How can you say that, oh sorry you are a demon

My angel said by constantly striving only can you reach salvation.’

‘I think master has always heeded the angels, but why is still master not happy

While we who stay below them laboring are not, is it not a time for master to heed?

We like nature who stays its way and doesn’t change and we who take it for granted like that

Isn’t it better to laze and relax and enjoy rather than run and miss the happiness that lies within?’

It was then I understood that the said demon is my own heart

I then accepted my own bad rather than run afar,

I found my own happiness that way, and finally understood

To accept yourself for who you are lies in the greatest happiness

We always follow our rational brain or I used to say angel

And always ignored our irrational heart,

But wise people had always said

“true happiness lies within the heart ”

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