Monster beneath your bed

One night, you wake up in the middle of the night. You rise up on your sorrow bitten bed of yours, hearing something beneath the bed.

You can feel the bed trembling. And you bend down to see. As you bend down, you meet eyes with the monster hiding beneath your bed. It had been there. It had always been there, all night. All night of each of the days you lived.

He smiles back at you with that hollow titter. But you cannot smile back. You never can. Because you know it is not something that want well of you.

Through out the bright days, he had been you. It has been there with you everywhere. Everywhere, from school to the park, even to the happiest of the places. It is always there. Haven’t you seen it?

It has a solid face and that diabolic grin, which can only put a frown on everyone else’s face.

But this night, this very moment – that you have bent, and you are meeting faces with him – this is the very first encounter.

You look confused. You should not be. Because this monster dwells in your mind, it shapes your thoughts and creates circumstances for you. Good or bad, could be anything. But these circumstances might put you again face to face with this monster. It will dwell on this turbulence.

The next day, this same might pose to be an ally, as he helps you fight back the bullies. He might help you repel the tyrants of the social structure. It might help you show your dominance and exceed your limits. That day, you will try befriending him.

Because it’s your first real encounter.

Soon, you will come know what it really is!!! Its real figure will start to show up. The real figure – the metaphysical monster that hides within your bed each night. It is not solid anymore. And it’s fluidity is harmful. How? You will know when it starts to sink you in.

It is certainly very haunting. To have his arms below your spine, and each time you think of closing the eyes, it just starts to press his fingers inside your nerves. That night is the most painful night.

Because it’s your first real encounter.

So, when do we have the second encounter?


Let me tell you something about me. In the year 2017, I suffered a series of disturbing nightmares and I was always struck by the nighthawk. I remained sleep deprived for weeks. Each day, I woke up…followed with a bad start, a bad interval, and a haunting climax. Each day was a bad day. And the day following was worse.

This feeling, the feeling of shame, the guilt always strangled me. And at night, this would be force me to ask my own capabilities and prowess. Failing to control my thoughts. I had driven myself away from opportunities and always put me in a position worth humiliation. I failed top act. And it has been affecting my present days very well.

The night time matters, even the day time matters. But the turbulent mind doesn’t accept this fact. Waking up and thinking about the first encounter is not stupid. But having a first encounter with each emotion is self-devastating.

The feeling, his arm around you all night for all lifelong. It haunts you. And you just can’t put together the courage to fight back. This is the dilemma of petting the different states of mind. It is the dilemma of the turbulent mind.

The different states of mind rule your mind individually or sometimes together; and they all emerge out of the incidents you face throughout the day. We know this, but still we face this monster each night. Not all of us, but some individuals do. It's plain cold hell for those who feel nighthawk.

Control your thoughts, that will limit the possibilities of reactions you will face through the day, and that might lead to a balanced and healthy mind.

Don’t let the monsters haunt you at night.

Safety and peace.

- Nikhil Ranjan

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