Updated: Jul 19, 2020

So it had been a week since we were torn apart from each other. I still feel his presence enveloping me, watching me as tears roll down my face. I was alone in bed all morning, wrapped in white linen which was soaked in tears. It feels as if all I have left of him are the memories that we once shared.

I still remember the day he first came into my life. It had been only a few days after my board results had come in. I woke up to an absurd sound, a subtle woof, I believe. I had hardly opened my eyes when I felt something crawling underneath my sheets. Freaked out, I jumped out of bed only to realize that my parents were staring at me, laughing out aloud. I was a bit confused at first, obviously, but gradually all came to light. The strange sound turned out to be the barking of a cute puppy staring at me from under the sheets. His eyes gleamed in the morning sun, as if they were made of water. He pounced on me from the bed and together we fell on the Carpet. I had caught hold of him so that he would not fall. The fur on his body was way softer and more luscious than anything I had ever seen. The Golden fur was glowing beyond imagination. I looked at his face. It seemed as if he was smiling at me, and barking with a sense of joy and without knowing it we grew fond of each other.

I got up and slowly walked towards the kitchen, made some coffee and thought of having a fresh start. But life without Rufus was unimaginable. He had never left my side. Sipping on my coffee I thought of the things I had to do that day. Trying to move on seems impossible, at least for me.

I remember this one time, Rufus and I were supposed to go out to the park as usual, but it was Rufus's 3rd birthday. I thought of planning something special for him. So instead I took him to this place which had just opened up. I clearly can’t remember the name but.. .. .right, Wendy’s I guess. It was this pet friendly cafe nearby. The moment I pushed the door open, Rufus rushed in and started to run all over the place. I guess he was very happy to finally make new friends. There was this face he would make whenever he was overwhelmed where his nose sort of enlarged a little and his canines grew more prominent, and that made me smile. I made some new friends too. The place had a great ambiance, so nice that we ended up spending the whole day in there. It became one of his favorite places.

Why does the sun set when we don’t want it to? Just about when we start to enjoy the presence of the bright yet soothing light, why does there have to be darkness? Rufus was not supposed to die the way he did, I was not ready for him to go away this soon.

I was just wondering why there was no barking that morning, When two people came rushing into the living room where I sat sipping on my tea. I was just as scared as any other person would be if two random teenagers barged into their home. But then one of them asked me whether or not I owned a Golden Cocker spaniel. I froze , a sense of paranoia had struck me . The cup of tea fell from my hands and smashed right on the floor. The sound of shattering bits of ceramic made me realize the grave tone with which they spoke. The teens asked me to follow them out on the street. I saw a small crowd right in front of my house . Chills ran down my spine as I took a step close. On reaching there I found Rufus lying in a pool of blood .

A person standing next to me told me what had happened. Rufus must have noticed something fascinating from his kennel out in the garden . So intriguing that he broke his collar chain and jumped over the small wall to reach the street just about when an SUV smashed into him.

I kept wondering as to why would Rufus ever go out . Maybe I wasn’t a good companion and so he thought of running away. .. I still wonder doc…. I still wonder.

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