• Isha

..Maybe you are my Chandler!

“Step down Riddhi! Otherwise, you will fall!” Sidhant exclaimed.

Standing by the rocks of carter road with a soft breeze and the feel of Mumbai in the middle of the night. Ah! What sorcery is the weather playing?

“Why don’t you understand?, I am not afraid of falling!” said Riddhi with her innate cockiness.

“Well then, if that’s the case why haven’t you fallen for me!?” He winked at her.

“Smooth! Big guy..”

He blushed. Oh! His shy smile. That’s exactly what riddhi finds charming about him!He was charming and she was naïve. It worked because they were best friends. Best friends?! Yes since forever.

“Gosh! Your Chandler like smile is gonna kill a big chunk of women someday!”

“ Chandler Again? The moment you take the third shot of vodka, you are out, And your chandler love is in!”

“I know!..”

She stepped up, a little further.

“..I want my chandler!!” she screamed on top of her voice.

“oh my lord Riddhi… stop embarrassing us both!”

“Shh! Sidhant,



.Maybe you are my chandler..”

“ What? No! You are drunk. Let's go .. I will drop you”

“It's my car!”

“Yeah! So I will drive your car and drop you off safely”





.....You know what Maybe you are my chandler! I kept looking for my Mr bing only to find out you are him! “

“Riddhi you do you understand how grim this situation is..”

She is unbothered. For the first time, she does not want to think about what this could possibly do to their friendship. Everyone even Siddhant knew what’s cooking! But no one ever brought this up, But Ms Daredevil decided to kill the elephant in the room. Once and for all.

“But Maybe I am not your Monica! Right! I don’t deserve you... You are way too nice! I only deserve monsters like..”

NO! You deserve the best! Ok, let's go now!” He said brushing the conversation off.

“What’s the hurry?”

“Its too late!”

“I trust you!”

“Okay, we are both going to regret this conversation Riddhi! You know it! I know it! So why don’t you stop!?”

“ Because I don’t want to! Now listen. Will you?”

“Ok, ma’am! Do I have a choice!?”

He caved. He had to. He has been feeling the same since so long but till now head kept winning over his heart.

“No you don’t! I have known you for so long and I know whoever ends up with you is gonna be so so lucky!”


“ I want to be that lucky one, but I know that I am not worthy of you.”

“You are worthy of everything Riddhi!”



“So am I worthy of you?”

“Yes, you are! Of course, you are My love.”


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