May 2020

Firstly, May 2020 seems nothing else but bad news.

#1 LG polymers gas leak incident at Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, 5000 victims and claimed 11 innocent lives.

#2 Gas Leakage at Paper Mill, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. 7 victims.

#3 Boiler blasts at NLC thermal power station, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu.

#4 Fire Broke out at Pharma Packaging Factory, Nashik, Maharashtra.

#5 Corona virus hits 3561 more people in India.

#6 'Bois locker room' incident occurred, massive unrest among youth. An ongoing online controversy.

#7 Liquor stores open up. Social distancing is ripped apart from the roots while people huddle along their way to buy liquor.

I too was spotted in the queue. Got a handful of beating at my house. Somehow saved my life.

But May 2020 isn't all bad news.

Israel has claimed that one of their medical teams had been coincidentally researching on the SARS-COV (COVID -19), and have reached the final stage of formulating a vaccine. Their next step will be experimenting with humans.

I smell fish every time hear the word 'coincidentally'. I wonder if the quarantine life has got me imagining things again. Who cares for coincidences, when we are getting anything near to a cure.

At least, there is a hope of hearing some good news in the upcoming days.

Safety & Peace

- Nikhil Ranjan

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