Lost and found

Updated: May 6, 2020

You live inside me, even though I don't want you to. When they say everything is going to be alright, you respond negatively.

When I want you to mind your own business ,you frustrate me because that is what your business is. Even though you left me at dawn , you would always return at night.

Had this been a one night thing ,I would have been totally okay with it but baby you gave me the whole damn zoo.

Overthinking is one thing ,obsession is other. But what you are is a piece of beauty which I could never understand. The more I give you what possibly is called love, the more you take away from me what we know is happiness.

Have you ever thought of breaking up with me ? I want you to. Because I cant .The more I want to, the tougher it gets. You see how easy it is for me to live inside my own shell without the presence of yours.

I'm able to write after such a long time because at this very moment, you're far away . From somewhere, you must be looking at me like a piece of meat, and ready to get roasted by you. But let me make it very clear to you. You're not gone.

Perhaps you'll never be. The one thing which I've learned is that the more you feed ,the longer it lives. oh ANXIETY ! You are my only one .

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