Let's go home

The English dictionary describes home as a place where we live in with our loved ones.

So essentially, it's a place where we sense the belongingness from our loved ones.

But what happens when we aren’t at our homes? Does this feeling last? If it does then how?

Because then we surround ourselves with people who provide us with the feeling of being loved. I get that, love is what binds us together and piece by piece we build a home with these people; but what happens when we aren’t surrounded by these people and we are just with ourselves?

Oh! then we immerse ourselves on our phone screens. So you see, we keep running away from ourselves and keep on searching for a place which gives us the comfort we need. But don’t you think we’ll end up searching for forever if there’s no home within ourselves? If there’s no place inside us to go to? It’s almost like filling the void with temporary happiness and running away from the brokenness inside us because facing it sounds terrifying.

But what if the home is inside you? Whose going to break that down? If there’s no home within the person I see on the mirror, how will I ever be loved from within? And if that’s not the most important thing then what is?

So today let’s go home.

They say home is where the heart is so perhaps it is within YOU.

Perhaps within your smile, within your laughter and within your tears.

Let’s build THE ‘home'.

Not with bricks and bones but with love and care.

Let us keep nourishing this home and promise to protect it because this home is heaven. Not just for you but for the ones who love you. And let’s be hopeful that we are not the ones who break it.

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