Janta Curfew

Updated: May 12, 2020

On 22nd of March, 2020. Midst of a global endemic, our OP Prime Minister called out for a social distancing drive for people of the country. Starting from 0700 hours till 2100 hours. In the curfew, people were asked to stay in their homes. This curfew called for a total desertion of unnecessary human from the neighborhood. Except the people whose duties are necessary for the functioning of the society.

The media had their beady eyes concentrated on the protesters of NRC/CAA at Shaheen Baagh, who recently had refused to stop their protest in the midst of rising pandemic. Which had increased the chances of them getting infected by the dangerous Corona Virus. But, they were observed missing from Shaheen Baagh in support of the Janta Curfew. However, they stated that their protest against NRC/CAA will not stop.

Unfortunately, the country also witnessed some shameless acts happening in its various parts. Despite the plain and humble request lain by many people in support of #jantacurfew, many of the people with ideological disagreements with the ruling party or brain damage, came out on the road, playing vandal in groups on the streets. Causing unnecessary risk of spread of COVID-19 virus.

In some parts of Bihar, a political stunt committee was witnessed protesting the curfew. While in parts of West Bengal, the vandals were seen roaming the roads whole day long.

At 1700 hours sharp, people came out of their houses and created a lot of noise for five minutes straight. Many of them even continued for longer than thirty minutes. Either it was by clapping, striking utensils...or any other means, but they did appreciate the efforts and risk taken by doctors, police, guards, shopkeepers, the people who had been putting their legs on the line for the betterment of their fellow humans. For all those who are bravely providing us with all the necessities. The whole nation appreciates their sacrifice.

Thanks to all of the people out there. For bringing the Janta Curfew to a satisfactory status.

While the countrymen stood separately in their houses, the country was witnessed standing together. Together against #COVID-19

For the tough days ahead.

Safety & Peace

-Nikhil Ranjan


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