It All Begins Here

It’s dusk. The sun has completely drowned in the horizon, leaving the sky red. While sitting beside a pond, see the large grazing grounds and fields covered with water. Smell the rainwater logged in the fields. In between, look out for the peeping small germinated crop plants. Ahead of them, stands a belt of trees, then a chain of hills which are covered with nothing but green.

On the Ghats, kids sit alert with their fishing rod and a polythene full of fish. As carefree as the breeze, their restlessness stays with them for eternity.

Look, they are laughing! Teasing each other while being busy with their fishing. The winds rush carelessly, blowing their hair over the faces. Suddenly one boy drops his fishing rod in the water and other start laughing.

Other kids run wildly through the muddy road, with their tiers rolling down the slope. The wind doesn’t forgive the emptiness of the swings hanging on the tree. Look, how it swings!!!

Far away, farmers can be seen on the fields, coming back tired from the farm. But a sense of accomplishment brings out their happy faces, even the dripping tears can’t stop their sun-like smile. Cattles are heading back to their respective shelters along with their ranchers. Flocks of birds are returning to their home; listen, to their chirruping.

For every step you take, you will witness hundreds of small creatures wandering by like strangers, yet they are very much known.

Countryside depicts the true story of a nation. They are far away from materialistic urban climate. Ideal fitness comes from a day of hard work, it can’t be felt in metal solid gyms. Happiness begins from the banter of the small boys sitting on the Ghats. It begins from knowing that, the food we eat, grows here.

The natural environment which every metropolitan guy misses, lies here. The air you breathe, the food you eat, the work you do with us, here, and it’s all pure and free of contamination. The culture of every nation begins from here. The life begins from here. The peace begins from here.

- Anshuman Singh


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