• Shreyasi Maitra

Independence Day, Mother

She nurtured us with all she had.

We absorbed the countless shades and,

She encouraged us to be divergent,

She wrapped us with tender, her children.

The reminiscence of her early days,

The tears shed for her wounded, dead children.

Echo of the past roared upon her bays,

As the gory history returned therein.

Downhearted, dejected and depressed

She wished to resolve the conflict.

As her children battled,

Bled a mother's heart.

Divergence was a disparity,

A cause of dispute and wrestling,

A threat to secularity,

A threat to her upbringing.

A land brimming with diversity,

A river overflowing with cultures,

She thought why such advantage was a polarity,

Among her children who were raised with such colors.

On this Independence day,

Omit what makes us different,

She expects that we may,

Hold hands and again become the country, the people she wanted.

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