Honey, with you I grow younger.

If today I'm your first kiss, would you have a closure or would you look out for another women?

Your palms don't fit into mine,

Your humour goes above my head,

Your driving makes me go insane,

But honey , with you I grow younger.

I used to sleep with cold sheets thinking how long will the jars remain empty, the room remain lonely but with you they turn into a warm cosy blanket on a freezing cold night .

And I wish to meet you somewhere in the dark on these freezing nights when the whole world's asleep to remind you that I don't wish to have just your mornings or nights, maybe I want your midnights too when your anxiety kicks in and you want someone to hold you tight .And I wish to build a shelter around you, protect you from this evil but would that be enough for you to stay?

I'm willing to lose a part of me just for you to hold on but would that be enough? Would you still be happy with me if I have nothing to offer? Would I give you peace when my mind's all fucked up or would you promise your heart to another women?

Would you wait for me to show you what all I'm willing to do for you my love?

Oh what a waste would it be to lose your touch.

And What a waste would this love be if it goes away.

So Tell me darling

If tomorrow I'll be your last kiss, would you have a closure or would you still look out for another women?

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