Golden Phase

Life’s no.1 goal is to give your best shot in everything you do. Your soul might want to conquer the world, but what do you do if your body can’t listen to it? Never ever underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. Sleep is no less than an extended meditation session, if done correctly.

It’s difficult to fall asleep. Most of us stay awake all night doing nothing, using phone. Well, what’s the problem? How to maximize the quality of your resting meditation-your sleep? How to sleep better?

It’s all about how you spend your golden phase, 2-3 hours before you fall asleep. Finish your workout and food before this phase begins. Exercise pulls your inhaled oxygen towards your lungs and muscles, food pulls your inhaled oxygen towards your digestive system, the outcome longer and deeper breaths to satisfy your muscles and the system involves. Quality sleep is all about brain oxygenation not body oxygenation. And brain oxygenation happens when your breaths are shorter and your lungs don’t have to do much work, when all the oxygen that you are pulling in works towards refueling your brain and not your body.

Let’s talk about the body temperature, you fall asleep when your body temperature is a degree or two lower than the normal, when your body is colder than it usually is. If you heat up your body in your bed time it’s going to affect your sleep badly that’s why you should avoid exercise and hot showers.

Okay the most important part, an hour before you want to sleep put your phone away. I’m sure you’ve heard this million times but trust me there’s nothing that can ruin your sleep as much as phones or other bright screens. Your body feels sleepy or weak based on the amount of light entering it through your eyes so quick tips, put all your bright lights off set your alarm keep your phone away.

Golden phase activities, the way your brain is built, the final activity of your day has a profound impact on your thought process, this is the part of the day where you can directly affect your subconscious mind, the part of mind which is important for your life growth. So, how do you make this part of your day useful - READ - No phone screens, no PlayStation, no TV shows but books read something, it’ll help with your sleep and more importantly if you choose to read something positive or something that benefits your mind in some way even better, if you are not a big reader that’s alright, it’s 2020 listen to podcasts you can gain as much from them as you can gain from the books, and occasionally if you aren’t up for self-improvement just listen to some music but keep it soft, keep it slow.

Now the last but not the least thing to do, you’ve tucked into your bed this is the moment of truth.

All these activities lead up to this moment, if you’ve done everything correct it shouldn’t be that difficult to fall asleep but if you are someone who struggles with their sleep, perform the special meditation. Put your hands on your solar plexus, place one hand just below the line of your chest and the other hand just below the first hand. Now just focus on your breath, try adding a silent chant to this process any two syllable word that you say in your mind, don’t move your tongue don’t worry about the pronunciation just say the word in your mind, the word sleep the word happy, just keep repeating it within your mind, don’t focus so much on it, slowly let it fade into the background of your brain. Try not to think about your tasks for the next day, not to think about your good or bad moments from the previous day, just think of the comfort that surrounds you, the softness of your bed, how relaxed your body is, the peace in your room, the peace in the darkness, if you feel

like it switch u to your comfortable position and then dive deeper into how relaxed your body feels.

Sleep will meet you if just stay in the present moment and nowhere else, don’t worry about how long you’re chanting for, don’t focus on anything, let the chant manipulate your breath and allow it to lead you into this resting meditation.



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