God bless humanity...

Few months ago, another tragedy happened. A girl was shot dead and burned by her own father in Buxar, Bihar. When the body was found, people thought it was another case of Rape and Murder but it turned out to be something more disturbing.

Yes, you guessed it right. Her fault was that she kept loving her guy even after her parents got her married against her will. One day her father found out about her relationship (which btw was made legal by Supreme Court of India in September 2018) and out of shame he killed her.

What was her fault?

Being a woman? No, because I have seen parents killing their sons too.

Her fault was loving someone in the world where people pride matters more than their children emotions.

Some people will judge her.

Some will call her characterless.

But some will understand what she went through. We are in 21st century, yet inter-caste marriage and relationships are still a shame for the society. Girls are forced to marry at young age because people are concerned about them falling in love for someone who doesn't meet their standards.

Why loving someone is a crime?

Who made these rules?

Why someone’s pride is more important than someone’s love?

How can a father do this to his own child?

Let’s see if this news can move some hearts out their in our government and especially our celebrities and media. Why are they silent about cases like this? Why their blood isn't boiling? What are they waiting for? Something worse to happen?

God bless humanity.....


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