French Brand of Islam

French President Emmanuel Macron took aim at radical Islam, announcing plans to outlaw 'Islamic Separatism' in communities where he said religious laws are making precedencies over civil ones.

Macron is attempting to pass an Islamic Separatism Bill, as an attempt to create a new form of religion. The bill objects towards shutting down associations and schools that are responsible for indoctrination of children. According to Macron, the bill also monitors foreign investment in religious organizations.

But why?

According to the Government of France, groups that practice radical forms of Islam were trying to create a parallel society governed by different rules and values than those expounded by the Republic.

"What we need to take on is Islamic Separatism,"

Mr. Macron said during a visit to Les Mureaux, a suburb northwest of Paris.

Islamists group has been targeting France's working class suburbs for recruitment. Ever since the rise of ISIS and France being the west's biggest source of Islamic State Militants. The country has been suffering severe terrorist attacks.

We can't forget the infamous mass-shooting at the office at Charlie Hebdo in 2015. After its provocative takes against Islam, the newspaper firm suffered the wrath of the radicalized community. It was followed by another mass shooting costing the nation130 civilian causalities.

The government is concerned with the rise in terrorist strikes as they grow more brutal with every hour. Somehow seeing a visible connection between the growth of terrorism and the Islamic radicalization, the government is trying its best to stop separation of Muslims from the community.

The radicalized system of religion concerns the government as it tries to distance the community from the civil life and law. So, they attempt to legalize a form of Islam that will feel fit for the stability of the nation.

In talk with Anounar Kbibech, president of Rassemblement des Musulmans de France (a very large Muslim Community in France), he said he was worried about Macron's current stance. Sensing his attempt to interfere in the pious religion, he mentioned that, "There is a Risk."

It is obvious that the policy barring the major decisions of the community will have serious backlash at the functioning in the state. The French Government's attempt to recreate a French Brand of Islam isn't a new thing. Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey have already formed their own versions of Islam; however France's attempt to reform religion through law is a new to the world. Hence, a bold step.

France feels responsible for its citizens and actions committed within its territory. So, Macron proposed a new bill to create a French Brand of Islam.

While their population remains the second largest in France, We can't say if interfering with such a strong religion is a smart move, it can cause serious repercussions in these times of crisis.

However, we need to keep our head high in the days to come. The waves from the European Borders will either enforce peace or raise tumult in the world.

Till then,

Safety & Peace



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