Enjoy Until It's Over

What if I say you are going to die tomorrow?” What will you do? You are going to call your parents, you’re going to confess to the girl you like, you are going to meet your best friend, you are going to get your dream car and you are going to do everything you always wanted to. Basically you’ll try to live your day to the fullest.

“Now what if I say you’re going to die exactly after a month.” What will you do? You’ll probably do the same, you’ll try to live the rest of your life to the fullest.

They say, we’re getting older day by day. I say, we’re dying as we’re getting older. So, why are we not living? Why are we stuck in various routines that have accumulated during years? Why people have no time to call their friends or to spend some time with them? Why people always say, “I’m in a rush” or “Haven’t got any time”?

Start living, start calling your friends, start spending time with your family, start cutting off your wish list, and just start doing stuff you love. Someday something will go wrong, it could cost you your life or something worse and on that day what you can’t be thinking is that you are to be blamed for something you couldn’t control. THAT’s LIFE. Enjoy it until the party’s over.

-- Suryansh Pandey


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