Embracing the night

I find the night inordinately comforting. I think there's something about the way the twilight melts into darker hues, like all colours merging into one... Like an artist- without any consideration for rules, paints his canvas with all the shades in his palette. Like a writer, not knowing what to write- pens down whatever comes into his head. Meaningless, beautiful words. All flashing before your eyes, like the tiny electric lights we use to decorate our homes. I feel the night is the abode of glamour. When Helios, crowned in sunlight, pulls back his blazing steeds across the sky, letting the darkness fall. Every colour is muted, every dream is intensified, even the warm breezes feel softer. Like a heavy shroud is cloaking the earth... Letting this hectic world realise it is time for rest. We never rest, do we? All of us have something or the other to do. Some of us have to be at school, slaving away at subjects we don't even like... Some work 9 to 5 jobs, often staying overtime for extra pay. Some start businesses, and have to work harder than anyone to turn it into a success. Some stay at home, looking after their families, without getting a moment's respite. And it's fulfilling, isn't it? It's what the world expects of us. It's what we expect of ourselves. We are born- without a choice- trying frantically to stay alive in a harsh, competitive world. Trying to get ahead. Trying to reach those expectations that sometimes feel higher than the stars in the sky! We are all looking outwards, at other places, other people... Striving to reach what we call "success" so we are not branded losers of society. Just like the day, bright and tinselled, we endeavor to reach those dazzling heights of glory, trying not feel left out in a world moving too fast for us.

And we forget the night. After a long, tiring day, when our aching head hits the pillow- we tend to forget about the world outside. We forget to look up at that mesmerizing sky, where the stars feel like tiny jewels gleaming against the black velvet. We forget to rest our cheek against the cold windowpane, looking out at the lit up buildings, and the few cars passing by the streets. We forget to feel that cool breeze ruffle our hair as we close our eyes and take a deep breath. We forget to let all that stress, all that pressure... Just melt away, like a cube of sugar in a cup of black tea. And when sometimes we cannot sleep, when we're anxious about our next exam, an interview, a new job, some family event... When sometimes we're tossing and turning in bed, unable to relax... Even then, we go through our phones, we look at memes, we watch movies... Not knowing that this world can be so tiring and we need to forget our obligations for a second. That's why I love the night. After a long day of work, social interaction, studies...nothing gives me more pleasure than sitting on the terrace and looking at the stars. Listening to my favourite music which is the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves. And when I'm depressed, in my room, the blinds shut... Even then, the night feels comforting. Like an embrace that says even the darkest of times will pass. I find the darkness impeccably beautiful. In its toned down colours, gentler nature, soft breezes, and pitch black skies. I find it beautiful in its acceptance. Acceptance of the tears we cry in bed alone at night. Acceptance of two lovers who share the night with a tender kiss. Acceptance of that ostracized loner who is depressed after nobody sat with him in the cafeteria. Acceptance of that dreamer whose colleagues say he is too incompetent at work. Acceptance that life is not only about those who seem to have it all. Who seem to go hours without rest, multitasking, and still get it all done. I cherish the darkness... Not only because I admire it's arresting beauty, or subtle colours, but because of it's tenderness and compassion- and the reminder, that from time to time, we need to let go of our hectic lives, and rest until we get our breath back.

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