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‘Dragon v/s Tiger’: The skirmish of Authority

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

The only truth that prevails is Death, One who has taken birth dies. But, He who is a son, a brave heart of this motherland never dies. A martyr is always alive in the hearts of its citizens and so are the twenty army personnel who clapped back at China on the 15th of June in Galwan valley, the most rugged battlefield in the world. This faceoff was an eye-opener for each and everyone of us, That India was on the verge to become the south Asia’s Israel, A country who is in loggerheads with all its neighbors but is FIGHITING BACK!


Even though the diplomacy between the two countries was never off charts things escalated as the bilateral agreement was eyed upon. Prior to this hassle India and China had problems on slightly smaller but political scale, Let that be India’s stand on Taiwan and W.H.O. issue, China’s relations with Pakistan or the diverted investments in India after the world collectively trashed China’s produce.

But the ultimate trigger was back in may when India started the construction of new roads on its side of the border around 4 locations near Eastern Ladakh, 3 in Galwan valley and one near Pangong lake. This was done to improve the infrastructure so as to increase surveillance. This particularly didn’t went well with the office in Beijing. Around may 5 Pangong tso , An argument led to aggression and the scuffles resulted in injuries. On may 12 PLA’s helicopter were seen flying close to the LAC , After which Indian troops were rushed and recruited to the site. May 26, India’s top military brass met the Prime Minister. Hours after briefing about the situation to the defense minister, Rajnath Singh.

June 2 Major general rank officers held a meeting which according to the reports was inconclusive. Further to normalize the situation another meeting was held on June 6th, Indian military delegation headed by the Leh based 14 corp lieutenant general Harinder Singh and China’s Major general Liu Lin, commander of Xinjiang military region. June 13, Army Chief General Naravane said that the situation along the border is under control.

June 15 Talks took place again at two locations along LAC by brigadier ranked officers . The skirmish took place the same evening. The next day, June 16th Indian army released a statement, 20 Indian army men including a colonel were martyred, other casualties were registered. There was no official statement on any sort of causalities by the other side. This is an evident example of China’s diplomacy.

Following this was a nationwide grief, International political diplomacy, Statements and counter statements by the government and opposition and a wave of ‘#BoycottChineseProducts’ .

Boycott Chinese Products

Well its easier said then done. The trade relations between India and China go much deeper than we see. For example, Vivo A Chinese Handset company is the title sponsor for Indian Premier League. The title rights for 2018-2022 period valued for more than 280 million dollars.

India is the second largest Mobile Manufacturer in the world , but on hindsight Chinese companies, Vivo, Oppo , Xiaomi are Angel Investors. They employ thousands of Indians and are also 30 to 40 percent cheaper and hence they dominate 72 percent of the Indian market.

India is globally acclaimed in the pharmaceutical market, a major reason is because Indian drug companies import inexpensive active ingredients from China.

There is so much more to this. Because the roots of trade relations are so deep its very difficult to fill the void of but as a nation if we unitedly pledge to stop using Chinese apps, products at a personal level, We may definitely be able to create a dent in the Chinese economy.

Is there a war ahead of us?

World is already in the middle of a pandemic, A war is the last thing one responsible nation will go for.

India as a country has never ever instigated a war but After having an all party meeting on June 19th, The Prime Minister of India made it very clear that peace will always be the first option and victory the second. The martyrdom of our heroes will not go in vain, our forces are capable, No one can eye on even one inch of our land. If provoked there will be retaliation.

But where does China stand?

Both Countries are capable, both are fighting a pandemic , both are facing internal issues. So where does the difference lie? It is the support that India has gotten by different countries across the globe. China, whose allies are Pakistan and Nepal cannot afford a war with India.

India vs China is a lot more than just banning Chinese apps or products Chinese Products are deeply embedded in the Indian Market.

We are dependent on them, we rely on them and hence this whole situation calls for our unanimous support. This is a process. It will take time and effort. It will require us to manufacture from us and for us, To ultimately produce for us and employ us. This process even though is tedious but in a broader picture will strengthen our country’s economy and spark the spirit of our army. We are safe at home because of those brave hearts, this is the least that we can do but our collective effort will make the most impact. I urge you to think and decide not for anyone but for you.



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