Do you believe in heaven?

Updated: Nov 18

Do you believe in heaven?

A place where the lost souls belong

Who were forgotten in this lonely world

Of intrinsic suffering, and descent

Into spiralling desolation.

Do you believe in a refuge

For those wandering the icy courtyards

The sterile halls, the bolted doors

Scrutinized by a thousand unseeing eyes

Trying to steal a glimpse into our tired minds.

Is there a safe haven for those who are searching

For another reason to hold on

When life seems cruel and the days are cold

For those looking for that one last speck of warmth

For a reason to stay until they grow old.

Is there a lovely sanctum somewhere

Where the rainfall creates a gentle melody

And the cloudy skies are dark

The withered leaves rustle as they fall

Obscured by the beauty of a hundred budding flowers

In the petrichor of the sturdy earth after rain

And the tired lips that forgot to smile

Will only rest in death once again.

We are all withered leaves without a voice

Miserable and forsaken, no one would care

If we chose to take one last breath today

If we chose to unbreak this shattered heart

Tell me, do you believe in heaven

A retreat where the broken are not torn apart?

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