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Curtain of Independence

74 years of independence but are we really independent? I'll be straightforward about this. When India was under the British raj, all of India came together to fight the evil breeding on it's soil. The fact that one was Hindu, one was from Islam, one born as a 'd*lit', none of this mattered as long as everyone stood together. But are we really independent? It's easy to enjoy our priveleges and talk about how liberating it is to be able to speak what we want not knowing that it's because of our position in society. But the grass really isn't greener on the other side in this case. Being born into a backwards caste, a minority religion, even a particular gender, you're born into a system that feeds on fear. Freedom is clearly something we have taken for granted because we didn't cry, sweat or bleed for it. Are we really free? Because as long as India doesn't reflect on the fact that over 10000 people have died in over 6900 instances of communal violence, we won't be free. As long as we don't realise that there were over 30000(reported) rape cases in India only until 2 years ago, As long as 'Hindutva' preaching nationalist/patriots continue to murder and torture minorities to chant the slogans of lord Rama and adulterating his name, As long as countless preachers of Islam continue to force others to chant their prayers, As long as the term 'd*lit' is continued to be used, As long as people from backward castes are slaughtered for merely touching the property of a brahmin, As long as female infants are buried alive in countless parts of India, As long as India keeps it's back turned to kashmir and the endless battle faced by the Kashmiris every single day, As long as India keeps it's mouth stitched for the martyrs and chooses to defend the officers that rape innocent civilians, As long as the political parties only look forward to a better future for their pockets and not the country they are meant to serve, As long as the poor are not given a chance to move forward, to rise against the pool of filth they're born in, We will not be independent. What good is it to celebrate being liberated from being ruled when all it led to was a republic that worsens every single day?

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