Blast Blitz Retro Chips

Power up mushrooms slipping down the bricks, running through the rooftops of Agrabah, drifting bikes on the streets of Murdock, or dodging the barrels in the Kong Dungeon; the fun of the golden era of gaming seems to be lost now. All of them replaced with a basic era of free world exploration and realistic graphic.

I had never been a retro gamer. I didn't know what was I missing.

But there are people who have seen the days of joystick, adapters, cheap Chinese consoles, and trading jade chips filled with games. The days of hurling away small victory at duck hunt, or enjoying finishing the great finale of bubble monster, have all been overrun by massive video games of current era. All the fun they had, seems to have lost now.

But for every loss, there is a 1up.

(8 bit music flash)

Just for the sake of nostalgia, I jumped back into the world of retro gaming.


First mission : O boy! It’s none other than Contra. Stallone and Schwarzenegger inspired heroes, fighting their way through the bad guys. Set up in a post apocalyptic world, filled with enemies, explosions and lots of jaw dropping actions. Playing it felt surreal.

Adventures of Batman & Robin

For the second mission : I wore the cape of the dark knight and with a great intro tune, began with ‘Adventure of Batman and Robin’. A little milder, with a lot more movement. Using all the arrow keys to dodge the dicey obstacles was tougher than average. But the fun part always comes in beating up bad guys while wearing a bat costume, fully loaded with stingy gadgets.


For the intermission, let’s wander off. With all over mind entering the gritty world of ‘Castlevania’. Dracula, skeletons, all kinds of gothic horror creatures surrounding you, while you goof around in the Dracula's home. A dingy dungeon, a daunting maze outside it, A castle with a mirror image of itself, open for exploration. So much and so pleasing.

And as we shift to the further missions, why not make it a little more vivid with ‘Zombie ate my neighbor’ – a comic survival horror with weird happenings (including an episode with a giant baby),

Bazooka blitzkrieg’ – first person shooting. (not like doom) Stationary view with a considerable amount of difficulty faced while aiming recklessly.

Well, the arcade adventure genre was fun, but the racing genre was comparably very poor and fun lacking. For the sake of retro gaming, suffering through the ‘grand prix’ was somewhat required. But ‘biker mice’ stood out in this genre, giving a difficult perspective to follow. It had a steady camera fixed over the biker from a third person’s view who was for reason looking from a distant corner. That made the race a little bit challenging. And the cartoony character design and boost ups made it a lot more fun.

And for the finale, we have all played this game once. “let me in you stupid pipe, your favorite plumber is here. It a meh, meh meh, Mariooo!!”

I should have included HEXEN and DOOM. But, i didn't. I could have included a lot more. Aladdin, Addam's Family, Animaniacs, Tintin, Donkey Kong, pacman, battle tanks...the list may not end.

Since I don't own a joystick, my fingers and my laptop keys had to pay a massive toll. Next up, i might try adding a few more trip down some great escape tunnels, either it will be some video game or some long forgotten movie series.

Till then, Safety & peace

Nikhil Ranjan

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