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Updated: Jul 21

This world is nothing, but a marketplace. Where people like you and I pitch products called ideas. Unfortunately, people of first thousand years won everything. And the people living some days further to the years won the remaining part of the deal. Only by mutating the existing ‘ideologues’, which had already been sold by the previous pitchers, to form some abhorrible abominations.

I am no man of multiverses. So, I am not concerned about any other intelligent lifeform residing on other planets except this one.

You, as an intelligent being observe the nature, analyze the conditions. Then, act. And then again, observe the consequences. If the results are in your favor, then you will act the same. We can sum up most of your actions just like that. But the possibilities of the consequences being a positive one might not be consistent. On the third or at the seventy seventh trial, it may come negative. And when it happens so, you observe, analyze, and then concoct. Then act again, perhaps differently.

You again will observe the results. If the results come in favor….you know this cycle keeps on going.

As I have mentioned. This world is a bloody market. You can be anyone – A smart pitcher, a greedy buyer, a cheesy salesman, a miserable street vendor, a common communicator….

I am talking 21st century; a place where everyone plays a part to upgrade/degrade themselves with the help of ‘thinking’ – which happens when our brain puts the same basic cycle to work. But when it comes to planning out an action, there is a slight change. Your brain now refers to t-ideas – an abomination of small pre-existing ideologues (leftism, rightism, centrism, neo-ism, pre-ism, post-ism...). You look down at the history, at the past experiences and at the way the former beings acted. And adopt the tiniest part of their motives; use it befittingly and then carry on the cycle.

This chain of incidents will lead to consequences. Not all of them will be keenly observed. And the observed ones will form your thoughts, (your selection of actions supporting the ideas chosen from different man-made t-ideas)

And greatly written by James Allen – “A man act, as a man thinketh!”

Safety & Peace


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