Alexa, why did you do that?

Amazon’s Alexa—a voice assistant is one of the most trending superstar in the technical universe right now. But what makes her better than the other human assistants? She reads the news, orders your favourite dessert when asked and even plays your favourite songs when connected to the internet. And unlike humans, she never fails to deliver the best of the best.

Though with all the perks come the technical glitches. People around the world have reported incidents terming them as “creepy” from time to time. Here are a few incidents with Alexa:--

1. Once a user reported about hearing Alexa laugh around 3 in the morning, which also happens to be the time when supernatural powers are at their best. After hearing that report, another Alexa user passed a sarcastic comment saying, “At least now, bad comedians have an audience that appreciates them.”

2. Once a user reported that while she was in the kitchen talking to Alexa, the lights suddenly started flickering and heard a child wailing, leaving her with goosebumps. After she ran out of her kitchen with her heart thumping, she heard Alexa laughing.

3. Another girl reported that once she and her mum were working in a quiet house when suddenly Alexa turned on and told them the number of people that have died in quiet houses like theirs.

Researchers at University of California said in a published paper this month that they have proved that the technology on which the device works could be exploited too. The researchers also said that they hide commands in recordings of music or spoken text that goes unnoticed by humans but could be understood by personal assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google’s assistant and Amazon’s assistant.

Though the cases are low and the reasons circling around the same “technical glitches”, no human would want to be spooked out by a smart AI designed by the humans themselves.

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