A not so wise woman.

Did I quitely hid under your bed or was I caught having your handprints around my body?

Did you hide my smell around your shirt or were you caught playing with my hairs?

I sit here , beside a Man,patiently thinking about a clever plan and wait for the clock to tick to 12 to meet you behind the citylights and wishing for us to wake up under the same roof.

But the mornings aren't meant for us homie.

Tell me Why do I have to hide you when the sun rises and wait for it to settle down just to see your glance once again?

This love feels like a crime I never signed up for. Is this world a cruel place to be or are we living criminals ?

Oh Darling He's gonna burn you alive if he finds us out.

So I walk back home alone ,sleeping beside him, who's not my home and thinking that this house is just bricks and stones,when are you coming to make it into our own home?

It's so much colder here so I switch to daydreaming at night only to hear him ask, "babe did you sleep well?" . If only he knew I dreamt of you all night along, he would, this time,burn both of us alive.

And the society told me to love somebody with my whole heart but they didn't tell me what does a wise woman do if she falls for someone while still being tied to another heart.

So I tried to find reasons to stay away from you just so I could also be that wise woman and believe me I tried to hide my presence from your life but how can I hide my smile when you cross my path?

So here I am, a not so wise woman, asking you to meet me behind the citylights,making sure no one sees my hands under your pocket, yet again.

Photo:Google source.

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