A Day in the life of Seafaring Cadet

Updated: May 12, 2020

0530 hours

The alarm goes mad at 0500 and the cadets struggle with themselves to get off the warm comfy bed. How the cadets manage to drag themselves down to the fall in, still remains a mystery. I think you should hang up by the ancient aliens TV show, they are some genius blokes. They might find the answers to this irrelevant and unnecessary question.

And what follows the fall in is the most daunting part of the day.

45 minutes of well-choreographed torture. In simple and plain human language – Physical Training.

Question: What if we skip the fall in and refused to train?

Answer: “Get up you bloody jokers…. else you will get a bloody kick.”

Next few minutes (SHAVE, cut yourself, bleed, cry alone and then get back on track)

0700-0800 Hours

Breakfast. The best part of the day. That’s it.

Nothing glittery like normal colleges. No rush, no hurries. It’s the most peaceful time for the cadets.

This is the time when they think about their future filled with loneliness, while holding bread and jam in their hands. Anon they jump from insights into future right on to their past’s misery as they start spreading jam over the bread.

And as he munches the first bite, the sweetness of the jam brings him down to his present miserable life.


But still, it tastes good.

0830 hours, the cadet reports to the fall in. This is the second most daunting part of the day. The wardens go around searching for the mistakes in the code of conduct.

Question: What qualifies as a mistake?

Answer: Your existence.

0845-1045 hours – !!!PPE REQUIRED!!!

Workshop starts. It’s like fatty pig wonder park for every cadet. Everything told or done in the workshop is practical and very much useful. In the words of great Bhonsle – “ this is very useful….on board ship (emphasis to the power 100)”

1100-1730 hours -

– Cadets try evolving into a new version of humans, as they all practice different camouflage techniques to sleep peacefully in lectures without getting disturbed or noticed by any alien life form.

Unfortunately, they all fail miserably in defeating the paradigms of evolution left behind by that old soggy dead dude.

Apart from boring lectures, cadets are forced to suffer through a boring safety speech, twice a week. That’s the most Hitchcock way of killing someone. And for the cadet delivering the safety monologue, its another daunting part of the day.

1745-1830 hours

–This is the time when a random cadet crawls out of his uniform and practice the basic life values of uniqueness and individuality.

For some, this is the time for “WORK HARD PLAY HARD”


And for most, “Don’t disturb, sleep aata hai!”

1845 hour– The last fall in of the day. As the sun retires behind the walls of Castle Black, the cadets muster up for the finale.

Some of the days, the finale can be genuinely interesting for cadets who witness the latecomers getting punished. And also very significant for the glutes, quads and hamstrings of the cadet getting punished.

Just after the last fall in, some cadets head peacefully to the dining area.

Some head to the gym.

Some head to the ship.

Most of them just wander off to the other dimension of loneliness.

(crying follows)

What happens in the next 3 hours? – It will be very much brief. Except Saturdays, these hours decide the fate of the cadet. These three decisive hours build up the future officer working on board.

If a cadet spends the whole day goofing around, killing time or sleeping and just concentrates on his work and competency in these three hours, there are chances that he may become able of sea faring in no time.


Nope. From 2200 hours to 0530 Hours, the cadets go around the hostel pretending to be night watchers and guarding themselves form fake terrorists. The night duty is the third most daunting part of the day.


Question: When does the day end for a cadet?

Answer: Question invalid. Question incoherent.

In castle black, the day never ends.

This is Nikhil Ranjan, fellow cadet at Castle Black.



Since, I joined Castle Black, I have been boring my friends with me telling them my routine time and again. I just can’t control myself from sharing my routine. Well, on the surface, it seems very dull and restraining. But,somehow the day turns out be somewhat fun.

Not recently, me and my fellow seafarers have come across many misconceptions and myths about the professional and personal lives of sailors.

Since, i have been here for a while now, I have got to know that the world of merchant vessels, it is not just all glitters, pony back rides and gold mountains. It is….

Well keep hanging for more fun insight into the not so ordinary life of a cadet.


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