A Cup of Tea

The day starts, and with a sleepy face, I get up from my floor. First thing - I get myself a cup of tea.

With half a cup of water, half a cup of milk and a graceful dash of tea leaves, I unknowingly make magic happen.

Small and slow sips, and a smooth creamy sensation overwhelms me. Flooding my mouth with unknown sparks, pushing me beyond the horizons of reality and then pulling me back into it. And the day begins.

What does it actually feel like?

Close your eyes and imagine with me.

Lift the cup, kiss it gently. Don’t rush. Feel the warm sensation burning your lips slowly, and involuntarily will they open. The burn will caress you lips, you just have to be patient. Sense the dry layer of lips moisten itself to the erotic sensation of the warm liquid. The thick creamy warmness leaps at your tongue, filling you with immense restlessness. Let it gush down your throat. Don’t rush. Small and slow sips.

That’s how you feel them to every drop. Imagine it rolling down the throat. Then comes an unexplainable ‘desire’ piercing right up to your mind. The desire that each one of us has for some things in the world. The desire to have more of it.

A cup of tea, the perfection.

I am not ashamed to commit myself to masala chai in the times of distress. I love the taste.

It’s a medicine of maladies.

Since, black tea is the basic ingredient of masala chai, it contains a lot of anti-oxidants. Leading to a healthy heart, and a proper digestive system. It is very effective in treating nausea and inflammation. Overall, it keeps the immunity top notch.

Best of all; at right moments, it makes me smile the brightest.

Let have a play with words. Shall we?

A cup of tea, can be sought as a perfection. What about the perfect cup of tea? Does it exist?

It’s like the person you hope for, but your hopes are not always theirs. It’s like the sensation you chase, but never get. A perfect cup of tea is very similar to that. It exists, but it’s not there for you to have. So, desire may feel void. And it’s existence, a joke.

This is why we dream it more often. That perfect cup of tea- Equal parts thick, equal parts sweet, and with proper proportion of spices. Viola, it’s an artistic pleasure.

Every day, it might be the same. Uniqueness held in each cup. But, we appreciate simplicity over perfection. As the flood in my mouth brings me back, I realize that we all might dream big; but somehow and sometimes, we don’t fail to appreciate the simplicity our world holds. Like the cup of tea I hold, it’s not perfect as I dream it to be. But simplicity is what I love.

The taste, the appearance and the existence of a single cup is just so regular. But the attraction and appreciation we have in ourselves for this simplicity shall not fade.

I can name all its ingredients and describe each of their taste. I can word them all. I can describe it, and ruin it all.

It’s better undescribed.

O holy simplicity, don't overthink lad. Just go and get yourself a cup of tea. Enjoy!

Before you brownies feel offended because of my undying love for chai. And argue that coffee is better. Hear me out.

I love’em both.

Believe me, my love is not illegitimate. I love coffee, I love chai. I dare not say which one is better. But I prefer chai. Chai has less caffeine than coffee, and its neural alarming ability is very much similar. (Also, I love my liver.)

I love coffee, but I believe it’s better for me to stay away from things I love. I think me and coffee, things were complicated. So, we have called it a break.

For the days to come, I will believe in perfection, and aim for simplicity.

Till then, Safety & peace!

- Nikhil Ranjan

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