Updated: Nov 18

For the first time, the stillness of the hospital felt chaotic. Someone who has mostly only sensed the sweet smell of decaying paper was now amidst the sterile smell of iodoform, holding a pen in his hand sitting with utmost discomfort, tapping the pen constantly to ease his anxiety, thinking if he did the right thing by signing the consent form or not! He is lost in his thoughts, so many thoughts, all at once.

He is now thinking of the last time he visited a hospital.

That was such an eventful night. Meira had planned everything, even though she was the most nonchalant woman he had ever known, she still planned a candlelight dinner to celebrate the six-month anniversary. I mean it was a milestone apparently for both of them. This was Meira’s first-ever relationship and his, his well the first serious one that lasted SIX months otherwise for him six hours were more than enough! But with Meira 6 months felt like six seconds, he never had enough of her. He never will.

But that night was interrupted by a call, his sisters’ call, that call tore him apart. It was dadi, she experienced severe chest pain and was admitted, she was in critical condition. He was shattered, unable to soak in any of this, he blurted out everything to Meira and she immediately understood the seriousness of the situation. She knew this was hard for him. After all his dadi was his home. She was the one who loved him, she was the first one to find out about him and Meira, and was the one who eventually made him realize that even after trying really hard he had fallen for her.

It started to sink in, he was on the verge of losing his best friend! Meira held his hand, she could have hugged him but she didn’t, as he was strictly allergic to affection! She sat beside him holding his hand, he turned towards her, “I can’t lose her, you know, she is all I have!” Meira couldn’t resist, she hugged him, embraced him as tightly as she could. He broke down. A guy who is afraid of commitment, afraid of being loved, afraid of showing emotions eventually teared up. He balled his eyes out on his love’s shoulder because he knew there was no one who will judge his image. His tough-guy image was protected at all costs. This was the first time for him that instead of making a woman cry he broke down in front of one. Because it was Meira who was his….

“Mr. Kashyap, Dr. wants to speak to you.”, his thoughts were interrupted. “Yeah!”. He sighed, after dadi was gone, Meira was his home. He prayed to the god he never believed in, prayed for his comfort, for his home. He took heavy steps and sat across Doc’s table. He tried to read the doctor’s face, but gave up as Doctor’s expressions were serious and he wanted hope. “I am afraid Mr. Kashyap. We can only hope now, Meira is not responding to any of the medications.”

His heart sank.

“We can continue the treatment but there is a high possibility that it wouldn’t improve her condition. Which will eventually end up piling your expenses. I would suggest, taking her back to your home.”

Take her back to your home!? He was unable to process anything.

He left the cabin, sat on the chair again. Thinking of taking her back HOME. What is that?! The apartment that Meira and he bought after their marriage. Is that what they call home? He took a deep breath, he needed a shoulder to cry on. That’s when it hit him that the one who he wanted to hug and break down in front of, is what he wanted to cry for.

He’d lost his home forever.


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