Updated: May 6, 2020

An amazing online game that's been played for decades now filled with bunch of professional and noob players like me XD,because it is free, and also is very much fun to play. Especially with your friends because sometimes gamers who play multiplayer games forget that it’s a team game rather than a solo mode. More your team will be able to coordinate with each other, higher will be the winning chances. There are various communities focusing on different skills any player acquires and can use in order to win any match. But it is possible only by following certain tactics. Sometimes these can be super helpful if implied perfectly but there are exceptions as well.

Recently I got to know about a weapon which is highly underrated, if you buy it after saving decent earnings in game,teammates will consider you noob, unskilled or unaware, they will treat you more like a click bait.

But that's not the case here. I bet most of us are not able to guess that weapon.

The weapon I’m talking about is NEGEV. Its classified as one of the heavy weapons which surprisingly takes as much of one shot kill as any average assault rifle. And it can fire a round of 150 bullets compared to trendy AK-47 having 30 shots in one round. Its way cheaper that AK-47 and can be bought by both the teams after pistol rounds. I personally recommend using it in mirage, dust 2 and inferno.

Then there is uLLeticaL who is known to be as one of the greatest contributors in Counter Strike, a group of people designing different maps to improve different skill sets in order to refine aiming abilities while playing competitive matches. One of the workshops maps I play is Aim Botz, it is great in providing different view of enemy spawning around you.

We can modify ground according to our needs. In this map, all weapons are provided excluding heavy weapons. While there is so much hustle in the workshop, and bustle among the virtual killers, the main moto of every workshop map remains to be - 'ALWAYS KEEP YOUR AIM AT HEAD HIGHT'.

Skins, stickers, and music kits are one of the main attractions of the game where player uses to show-off its prowess by obtaining rare weapons, skins and drop the beat by getting MVP(most valuable player) in every round a team win.

This is my way of appreciating for creating a game and polishing it bit by bit that every effort is appreciable. And it all started for fun in the beginning, so let’s hold on to that and keep playing.

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