5 ways to tackle Creative Blocks

Updated: Oct 3

Has it ever happened that you got an idea but failed to write it down? Sometimes, you might have gotten an idea, even your writing is half-way through and then all of sudden your mind goes - 'blub blub I take a break.'

Then the break never ends, neither does your work.

Creator or not, everyone at one point in their life has faced this handsomely diabolical tragedy, namely, the 'creative block'.

While, there are many ways to get rid off this hell hound, but none of them share a practical methodology of tackling it for good..

Then how will I get out of creative block? *sad writer noises*

Here comes Johnny!

To help you tackle this shiny cunt of a problem, I have listed down 5 steps that I have been following.

1. Shut down your self-critic (when creating the 1st Draft)

Self Critic or ego on steroids, it is that part of you that is infamous for devising plans to make you hate yourself.

While performing a job, it will whisper to your mind - 'You are fucking it up!' Anon, anxiety gushes down your throat and negates your stomach with butterflies. Eventually leading either to fuck up your job, or you abandoning it for eternity.

Now you know who's your opponent. You just need to defeat it.

Say these magical words every time it tries whispering something critical inside

your mind - repeat it after me - 'Fuck Off! (perform this stunt during the first draft only)

2. Create an outline first.

I will not go in the critical zone and point out amateurs' mistake committed by writers. It kills time.

How do writers generally write a story?

They get an idea, They imagine a well crafted story in your head. Soon they get highly excited, so they open their laptop and start typing. In an hour or two, generally they lose track of the story.

You may remember the bits, but they aren't enough to write the story. Elements are missing, action is missing, dialogues are off, there's no hook...all factors clearly indicate to a major plot crisis.

Here's how to tackle it -

  • First, pen down the outline of the story (Who does what, where, why and how)

  • Second, prepare a draft (like a mad man, don't stop. Just write and write...)

  • Third, Edit the draft one time...edit the draft two times...edit the draft 69th time. (2 times)

  • Fourth, Finalize the edit (pat and powder it like its your baby)

3. Read First, Write Later

If you already are a writer...then I am going to repeat a few things that your already know.

Before you write, or even believe that the idea you got is amazing and will bring out a revolution...hold your horses and do the most hated thing in the world i.e., research.

Read about the thing, if you have read already....then READ MORE.

Writing with a pre-built base will make you feel invincible.

4. Start with the Middle

I don't know why there's a horror show whenever I start with this. Look, my ways can be a bit Lecterish, but hear me out.

When you eat a burger...what's the best part? Of course, it's the middle...the fleshy, the juicy, no doubt it is the best part of the burger. No hungry person cares for the dry bread or the raw salad. It's always the middle patty.

Likewise, in an article or a story - the middle part has to be the most juicy and tasty. It should have all the punches, flavors and the taste triggers. To induce these flavors, always start writing the middle part first (after constructing the outline). Once the middle is over, I believe that the aft and stern of a plot can be carved out with more finesse.

5. Create a Zen Zone (not in a literal sense)

This is an easy one.

  • First step, get a work table. (don't crowd it)

  • Second, get a comfortable chair. (don't stack clothes on it)

  • Third, make a playlist of songs you like. (Keep it sacred and virgin.)

  • Fourth, pick a random object (material) in the universe and deceive yourself in believing it, that the object you chose gives you motivation to do anything that you like. (sounds crazy, but try it.)

Every time you feel stressed or tired. Sit on the chair, relax. Put on the music and look at that random object. it won't motivate you, but will put you in a mysterious situation of self-questioning. What happens then?

At first, it is like an acid trip if done correctly. Later, you will...(try it yourself, I don't want to ruin the suspense).

That's all from my side. Pick one from the list and try. Observe the results, then tell me whether it was helpful or not.

This month I will be putting up content similar to this, along with a story series I have been working on since the previous month.

Till then,

Safety and Peace

Nikhil Ranjan

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