5 tips to turn FOMO into JOMO | 2020

The feeling on missing out on adventures or fun is certainly the worst feeling one may ever encounter in 2020. With the rise in SARS-COV2 cases and delay in production of the vaccine. Stepping out of our house has become more dangerous than ever.

Anxiety clings closer to us as we step out for buying monthly necessities. In this state of panic and mania, it takes a lots of courage to be a part of the crowd. Yet while scrolling down the social media feed, we can't help us stare in awe with seeing different kinds of people having fun despite the crisis.

Coming across your peers having a fun outing in the hills or enjoying a game of Billiards at the local pub; you think to yourself - 'I wish I could have done that. It looks so cool!'

Or getting a feeling of jealousy after looking at someone's aesthetically shuffled Instagram Feed.

These are the basic signs of emerging FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

You may ask - Is it a real thing?

Yes, it is very much real and quite harmful. It can put you in situations where you don't wish to be put in - like a party which was not meant to be attended but you didn't want to miss out. Like in a crowded place (during this pandemic), just because you wanted to recreate the adventure your peers had done earlier that month. FOMO can turn you away from enjoying the real world, to just living through them for the sake of experience.

FOMO maybe dangerous, but it ain't a tough opponent. Anyone can easily alter FOMO into JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out).

You just got to trust me and follow my lead.

Here are 5 simple tips to turn your FOMO into JOMO:-

1. Reality Check (because it's 2020)

SARS-CoV2/COVID-19/Corona Virus is not a joke. For some, it's a near death experience. For some, it is the Grim Reaper itself. Most importantly, it is handsomely diabolical. The infection is very much deadly with a verified death toll of a hundred thousand

If you wish to partake on some adventure just because you are afraid of missing out doing it right now, THINK TWICE.

Indulging in social media challenges just because it is inducing FOMO in you is also a bad move. With a wrong step on the social media curve and you may fall into the cyber trap of cyber bullying, explicit imagery or a base for offensive content (without your consent).

Sit quietly for a moment and make yourself go through a reality check. Focus on what's important and let go of the invaluable fear. I bet my smile that you will eventually lose all of your FOMO.

2. Reduce your screen hours

More you scroll, more will be the desire to put out an Insta Story, or a status update just like others. While the truth remains that everyone is trying to play safe during this pandemic. Some people either carelessly make it, most of the times they just fake it.

You need to control your urges and that inner beast too.

If you can't control the beast. Then lock down the social media apps. There are many applications available on play store which will help you set a proper time limit on the usage of your social media. it will block all kinds of notifications and prevent you from accessing the social media.

Or you can just uninstall the social media apps. (not really recommended)

Thus, leading to reduced screen hours and increased productivity. This may not be a healthy way to tackle FOMO, but it will be effective in a long run.

3. Work Out

Nothing is better than a good hour of work out.

If you want to fully transition into JOMO, adapt to a progressive workout routine. Suit yourself with the exercises and movements of your body type. You can practice Primitive movements, Yoga,

Free weight lifting, calisthenics, even a bit of cardio will do the job. (Avoid over-crowded gyms and yoga studios)

I recommend working out at home, it is much safer. With vigorous flexing -stretching of muscles, and generation of bulk load of neuron cells; your body and your mind will be equally benefitted.

Rather, discovering your fitness can be seen as a good past time during the quarantine.

4. Love THY self

Ladies, Gents and the Pride, Love yourself for who you are.

Am I bothering your self-critic? Okay for your convenience I will repeat myself, love yourself.

Not too much, not too little. Keep the affection bound to self. Accept yourself for what you are. Accept your flaws, accept your situation, whether it is fortunate or miserable. It will help you understand your needs more clearly. With your needs sorted out, you will know where to head and what to avoid.

And when the situation is not appropriate, you will accept your fate. But you will not fail to enjoy the moment you are living in. Because you put self first rather than the things missed out at that moment.

Hence, you will stay smiling even while missing out on the irrelevancies happening around.

5. Know your enemy

There has to be a reason for you to be caught in FOMO. Otherwise it is not possible for this to spread like a viral disease. You need to know first, when do you really feel this fear. When you have sorted out the 'when', focus your mind on the reason (why) behind it.

Once you know the reason, you will begin to understand the nature of your FOMO. There has to be a certain trigger point of that fear. Once it is known, you just have make yourself believe that one day you will do the same. But not today, not the other day. But the day when it is fated to happen.

As you will start believing and hoping that you will do it sometimes in the future, you will start to let go of the FOMO.

Alright people, this was all from my side. If you have any other tip on how to beat FOMO, I will love to hear it. I will try posting an article everyday this month.

Don't feel left out. Till then,

Safety & Peace

-Nikhil Ranjan

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