5 Movies to refresh your Perspective!

Do you wish to throw yourself conscience on a roller coaster ride? Then follow along the list of these 5 movies (each with an altering tone) that will refresh your perspective -

1. 2001 - A Space Odyssey (Genre - Sci-fi/Adventure)

2001 - A Space Odyssey is a directorial masterpiece by Stanley Cubrik came out in 1968. About 5 decades later, it still stands toe to toe with many modern movies when it comes down to camera tricks, cinematography, plot, sound design and dramatic presentation.

I don't want to ruin the story. Because it is boring. But it is an intentionally boring movie.

It has been setup in a space station with two astronauts and an evil AI. With limited characters and a massive scope (the universe), the movie has very limited dialogues and is very slow paced. The slow paced nature of the movie makes it even more realistic and connected to its background. But lack of dialogues in the movie makes it less connecting and intentionally boring.

Seeing this can give you a realist look into how boring outer space can really be (just kidding). In reality, it will show you how brutally an AI can kick your ass if you went to space without your mamma's permission.

2001, is a science fiction movie set in the outer space. It surely is boring. And that is a necessary element that fills the void.

2. Little Miss Sunshine (Genre - Comedy/Drama)

Little Miss Sunshine is a feel-good movie. It is a story about the dysfunctional - Hoover Family - heading to California in a VW bus to support their cute little daughter to win the 'Little Miss Sunshine' Beauty Pageant.

The family is the most interesting part of the movie. The grandfather is a drug addict, the son is a follower of Nietzsche , The Uncle shares suicidal tendency, the wife is hardworking and stressed, the husband is desperate and unsuccessful and the daughter is a cute little optimist.

Movie has a dark yet humorous tone. And is very strongly grounded in reality.

Little Miss Sunshine is setup to show that life is not easy. It never will be. It is like a beauty pageant, where we're often going to be outdone by someone prettier, smarter, or just plain luck. But if we get up on the stage and be ourselves, everything will turn out fine.

3. Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior (Genre - Action/Adventure)

Enough of the boring stuff. Let's play some metal and kill the gas pedal.

This is not as critically acclaimed as the first two movies on the list. I am putting it on the list, because you need to know what the future might look like. If anyone depicted apocalypse anywhere close to where we are heading, that is George Miller directorial Mad Max series.

With this movie you will get a good look into the mad mad world of Mad Max. A post-apocalyptical world where morals have died. So is the law and all other philosophical nonsense.

Everyday there is a battle. Battle over water, fuel, woman, safety, homage, vehicle...anything necessary to survive is a reason to battle. And thinking about a peaceful talk is a waste.

In this movie, the seemingly good guys lay on the spectrum of dark grey. While the villains are on the absolute black. Even the protagonist, Max Rockatansky, is a liar and a cheat. Except his skills of a road warrior, he has no more elements of heroism. Yet, Mel Gibson's bold portrayal of Max will get you hooked and praying for him at the worst of time.

Just to see till what extent we humans can go in frenzy, watch this action flick once.

I don't recommend the first movie. It is a boring origin story. But you can try the 2014 Reboot with Tom Hardy in the lead.

Mad Max 2 is raw movie. The roughest sketch of badassery. And there's nothing like it in the world.

4. Midsommar (Genre - Horror/Drama)

What hurts the most?

Let me tell you - it's breakup!

Don't believe about you watch this movie and tell me.

Whatever I may have written next to the Genre, let me be clear - Midsommar is not a horror flick. Believe me, it is not a horror at first go. We can call it a Thriller. But that too is a little soft.

This movie falls in the genre of being 'beautifully uncomfortable'.

Why beautiful?

The aspect ratio in which it is shot and the color palate used in each frame is magnificent and deceiving. The artworks, the story telling, the half-baked world and the empty mystery. It's all great.

Why uncomfortable?

This movie has a lot to offer.

Firstly, (only for girls) if you want to pick up hot chads, don't waste time on twerking. Just pull out a pubic hair and put it inside his drink (sneak 100), he will be all yours. No, seriously. I saw this in the movie.

And secondly (for the boys), if you have a girlfriend. Don't get caught cheating on her with the girl who put pubic hair in your drink. Or else...she will firstly kill a bear, hollow it out. Then put you inside the bear and throw you and the bear in her outhouse. Then, burn you alive along with the outhouse. With your girlfriend and her homies laughing and dancing around the flame. While the girl with-the-pubic-hair walks freely.

Basically the movie revolves around a couple. Who visit Sweden with a bunch of friends to participate in a small society of Pagan worshippers (for the sake of a study). Dices roll, plot progresses and the small group reveals itself to be a cult. A bloody cult. Any more plot points will spoil the whole movie.

Base line of the movie is - break up hurts like hell unless...well whatever you surely hurts like hell. ( I don't know about you, but the women in the movie were nuts. )

5. Tumbbad (Genre - Horror/Foklore)

You haven't seen Tumbbad.

Why do you disappoint me in such ways? *sad Nikhil noises*

There are many masterpieces produced in the Hindi Film Industry. Agreed. But this underrated masterpiece needs your attention.

With an excellent background score, in-depth world building, artistic set pieces and the a smooth frame capture. This movie is entertaining and has a lot to offer.

This is a must-watch horror flick. Where the physical horror ends in the first chapter of the story. Giving way to metaphysical struggle and suffering haul horror under your skin in the next two chapters.

I don't want to talk about the plot. It's all spoiler.

Believe me, this is a movie you can't miss. This is much more than ghosts and demons. It's about us. And people around us. The movie is set to discover the evil tendency of a man. Unlike Mad max where it is portrayed in a very solid and crude scheme. Here, in this movie, the evil inside of a man is portrayed as an never-ending greed. Which leashes over a man from his own internal desires.

In this list, there are movies that I like, and there are movies that I don't like. (2001 and Midsommar are on my no-no list. I love Mad Max 2. Tumbbad and Little Miss Sunshine are so-so.)

If you can't find movies like Interstellar (Nolan Movies) or Gladiator or Star Wars Episode 5 or your favorite flick. Don't be disappointed. It's just a list of movies with different tones and background you can watch to give your perspective a roller coaster ride.

Next Movie list comes next week.

Till Then,

Safety & Peace

-Nikhil Ranjan

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