10 Horror Movie to watch this Halloween!

October has finally arrived. And so has Durga Puja and Halloween.

Unfortunately, it's 2020. Which means no wondering around the Pandals, no more jump scaring people at Halloween Parties and no more humping demons. But it doesn't mean you can't experience the Octoborish Spine chills. Why leave the comfort of your own home just for a good scare? Stay home and watch a scary movie instead.

Here's me recommending 10 horror movies for you to watch this upcoming week. Movies listed Get your squishy pal between your arms and get ready for a spooky ride.  

1. Dead Silence (Genre - Horror)

"The filmmakers behind the grisly hit Saw and its sequels also made "Dead Silence"; even with intense scenes of hideous corpses, the violence isn't as nasty as Saw's sadistic torture."
- Charles Cassady Jr.

2. What we do in the shadows? (Genre - Horror/Comedy)

"...directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, is set in New Zealand and follows four vampires who have problems adapting to the modern world."
- Jeannette Catsoulis

3. Shaun of the dead (Genre - Horror/Comedy)

"Shaun finds meaning in life and a chance to win back his girlfriend by battling zombies in London."
- Plugged In

4. The Exorcist (Genre - Horror)

"Is the film a provocation about the nature of good and evil, or horror claptrap?"
- Peter Travers

5. Hereditary (Genre - Drama/Horror)

"Hereditary raises the bar on emotional agony. If you want to see things you can never un-see and feel pain you can never un-feel, here’s the ultimate test."
- David Edelstine

6. Let The Right One In (Genre - Romance/Horror)

"A remarkably moving horror tale, about a pale, bullied twelve-year-old boy (Kåre Hedebrant) and his first love (Lina Leandersson), who happens to be a vampire."
- Bruce Diones

7. SAW (Genre - Thriller/Horror)

"The sound of Jigsaw's gravely voice pouring out of the tape recorder is still as ominous a sound as one could imagine, and the big reveals still come as a genuine shock."
- Jordan Crucchiola

8. Get Out (Genre - Thriller/Horror)

"The less you know about this movie before you watch it, the better. It's a creepy, delicious thriller, and one where even when you think you know what might be going on, there's more to it than you realize."
- Antonius B

9. The Lodge (Genre - Horror)

"If 'The Lodge' doesn't answer all the questions it poses, that's okay. Its strength lies in its ability to stir a reaction, and that feeling lasts longer than its explanations. It's a trip you won't forget."
- Adam Graham

10. US (Genre - Thriller/Horror)

"Every element in this film serves a purpose and is set up like a chess move, from the soundtrack to the detailed production values. (Be sure to check out the old VHS tapes in a flashback sequence)."
- Randy Myers

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