A Person = A Million Stories

Everyone has a very unique story of their own. Despite having humane similarities, each story has its differences. And each person with a different way of telling it.

Even if your life feels to you like a cheesy rom-com or a endless tragedy, it will stay hidden unless you write it down and share it with others. 

Celebrate the uniqueness of your words and enrich it with a dash of experience. Listen and read to what others say about themselves, and let them have a chance to listen to you.

A perspective can be shared. So can be a story. 

Share Your Story!

If you have the zeal of pouring out your inner thoughts on a paper, then wait no more. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write it all out.


Life experiences can sometimes be too exciting and sometimes be too morbid. But vulnerability of our internal desires can't cope with restraining our thoughts inside. Before thinking twice, let them all out. Write it all down and pass down the piece of paper to the person next to you. 

Come Write With Us!

Write whatever you wish to write. At House Of Drafts, we don't restrict person's creativity. Neither do we just nod and agree with whatever you say.

Importantly, we will be all ears for what you wish to say.

Articles, stories, poems, story series, reviews, travel logs, self narratives...we accept all kinds of soulful drafts.

If you are an interested writer and wish to write with us for our digital magazine. Then hop in. Fill the form and make all the emotions bloom in your orchard like mind.

What's My Story?

What's your story? Why do you ask me? Ask yourself.

It can be anything. Your thoughts upon 'why can't I lick my elbow?', 'why pink cap movement sucks?', 'how can I cope with quarantine life?' or '13 reasons why she won't unblock me?' 

My point is... your story isn't just weaved in an isolated closet. It is a ripple emerging in a vast ocean. Coexisting with tides, whirlpools, waves and other intersecting ripples. What happens around you in the world will have an effect on your story. In some cases, it might end up eventually becoming a part of it. So, why not write about that too?

Come Write With Us

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